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Four. They lost the yankeesthree once and that must have been listening. 347 10 13 16. So, yeah, that must have been. The Yankees beat him three times No. Four to sew 16 of the 18. Or I should say when they ask those with two A's with 13 of the 18 of the Yankees. That's hilarious That someone said insane. Get Nicki to tour a video on how much how weak the twins are, you know, and it's given the living in the United States. You win city, the only twins that like a Schwarzenegger in DeVito movie two wins. Yeah, so anyway, that's sad for the sad from Minnesota and sad for Kyle Hammer, Lee's kid who does the radio broadcast there for the money. Monkeys there, But But yes And now you got a cz Their pardon me. Yankees rays all the way out in San Diego, by the way. And then Astros await the winner of today's White Sox. A's game and, as you said, comes a disastrous could be incredibly disastrously and Hendrix has called out, he said. He said, You know, we want to eliminate the Astros. Which is great. It's good. Good Copy, Girl. Careful. You start running your mouth. Dude, I'm just well, you know, Chris pass. It even said something was a little revealing yesterday, too. He said that he said that, he said it was a It was a gosh dang headache or is a big dang headache. The White Sox lineup the white socks like this for relentless man. He's ever this stuff it bad If you're tough, that so mean better. They got their hands full. Today is all I'm saying. I mean, the White Sox. Look, they did not look tight, either yesterday and all I know they lost the game, but they didn't look tight Miss Hendrix available. He's like 45 pitches to through 50. There you go most of the season and that's a whole nother thing We talk about AIDS fans are losing their mind. Rightfully so, Bob and I texted you about this coach yesterday, but You were playing golf. Ah, eighth inning. Five. Nothin one runner on and he brings in Hendrix you doing dude? Because you he needs working like you could get him working the ninth inning. Don't you have a Nathan ing guy? Yes, they have, Deke man. They have petite. They've Soria. They've always got a five story had both pitched in Game one. Well, yeah, but Beekman Wanda pitching game to all you need is for the eighth inning. I'm not looking for him to go T to go deep, So I just I mean, unless, but I mean, I know Bob Melvin's forgot more baseball and I never knew, but Two. I want to be like a choke job in the in the in the in the culture started to feel that way. I just wonder about like when you're making that decision is a manager now that the guy has got to go three batters Are you concerned about bringing in the guy who pitched yesterday for a freshening thinking what happens if he ends up throwing? 45 mentions that he also just wanted to have thrown in three days and he needed work, And he said, and he's good to go tomorrow. By the way. He did not pitch well in the Saturday against the Mariners, and he didn't pitch well yesterday, either. So all of a sudden now those last two outings haven't been awesome eyes. Just something something to on some issues just saying, man. Yeah, And by the way, he got a big break two in the eighth inning. I know you're on the golf course Coast, but In the eighth inning. The White Sox loaded the bases who's Guy? Mazzara was a Nomar Mazara. Mazar was up full count pitch. It did was it It was a rob Drake situation. Did he missed the zone? Inside? It was 6 10 inches off the plate inside. They run him up. Would have walked in a run. It would have been would have in a whole different story. But it was a rob Drake situation where the White Sox got robbed. Draped in Hendricks walked off the mound that he went back then I think I'd do a whole nother mess in the ninth, Tio given the hook, I had to finish the darn thing. So s O. That was definitely if he still how would these days fans community responding on you guys getting some good tweets yesterday like three positive. My cousin Krista Benedetti is my go to Ace fan. He was not happy with Melvin. Yes. Today. I saw a lot of a lot of people were upset on Twitter because I guess that we're the interviewing mark and a dirty game. Yes, I didn't see I didn't see this crazy cause I flipping around flipping around. I'm going to one game and do the comeback and also in theirs. I hear a voice that's not Fleming or Mendoza. Dave Fleming, and then they cut to him. It's canna. He's like, Yeah, about usually get what you are talking right now. In the middle of a playoff game, they mike him up for a for a full half inning. Crazy and can it was okay if he said after the game, he's okay. If the fans like it, I'll do it. But I have to confess as a baseball purist. It was a little weird. If I'm anything like I play the play the game talk to him after I think most days fans we're saying the same thing. I couldn't believe I was like, Yeah, it's funny. I wrote it off as like. Maybe it was in between innings or Snow may know that the more I raised their shifting between pitches, But finally, he made one of the signature place of Rob the rob for nothing with two runners on it was going to be a ball off the Wall, and he made the what they're called The Joe Rudy catch. But in fairness to Canada gave a great quote, because, well, I don't want to get to the World Series, and then I can try one because Prudie's was in the World Series. I believe in Game seven, too. I think, right, Rudy. Maybe maybe candy should take a page out of the game. Capital playbook when you're talking to guys during a game like guys, hang on a second. I got Let me let me just see what happens with this one. I gotta handle few things when he's just cutting her. Yeah, but I gotta get back to your horses started. But I didn't read that yesterday. He did the Bagley said that he did the seasoning press conference ready from a park bench. I saw he was outside, and I was trying to figure out what to join your story. Sparrow just hold this phone about. I couldn't. Honestly I couldn't really tell there's kind of a glare behind him when I want it this way. No, he lives near us the near the station so What's a possibility? Probably close to me. He might be. He might have been up in Washington Square. Who knows what you guys doing? Tai Chee right behind him is he's up to this person prosciutto and, uh, yeah. Bread hurt, Paulie Mack talk about Mal in order to check that place out. It seems they are our hopes. Our hopes for Buster are very high next year. Hang on. I'm gonna do some tight with this, Mister is post Let me get my arm up real quick. Yeah, it was pretty to San Francisco. There's capital, sitting on a bench to season. It was where he was running like a hat. It might have been one of the San Fran Psycho. That's what it was like. It was a black hat would like the Golden Gate on it in orange dio..

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