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Trinidadian. Testicle tail continues. Dr anthony vouch has weighed in on nicki massages. Cousins friends testy. I'm sorry i didn't have my headphones all the way on. Did you say anthony thought. She weighed the man's testes no ways. Yes things dr phil. She has flown trinidad with a scale. Dominator two way nikki massages cousins friends testy now. He has waiting on the story. And we'll have that coming up and did you actually say we have breaking roomba news. Yes and we do. How long will take wanna do it. Be far this or after. How about after okay. So not one. But several of our beloved listeners emailed us at armstrong mellberg armstrong and getty dot com and. We were talking about the changes this society. The people not coupling lower birth rates rising crime etcetera. they send us link various descriptions of the mouse. Utopia experiment sometimes known as universe twenty-five that was conducted in the seventies. You may remember in the seventies. There was a great deal of concern about ruled tokay and it was a benevolent rulership. To everyone's rights were respected. There is a great concern about the population increase in. They thought once we hit like seven billion. Everybody'll starve to death. But then various changes in technology farming blah blah. But we've got plenty of food for everybody for crying out loud. Yes good point but while everyone was about lack resources. One behavioral researcher sought to answer a different question. John calhoun wanted to know what would happen with society of all of our appetites are catered for and all of our needs are met now. Good question well. He set about creating a series of experiments with mice. The most infamous the experiments was named quite dramatically universe. Twenty-five here's what he did he. He took four breeding pairs of ice. Place them inside of utopia an environment that was designed will eliminate any problems that would lead mortality in the wild limitless food water shelter nesting material. The weather was kept at a perfect temperature for mice. No predators obviously and then he chose the mice specifically for their health from the national institutes health breeding colony. Give your best. Mice expense is not an issue The experiment began. As you'd them i see is the time that they usually use. A foraging for food and shelter. Just coming through social media. Actually they had enormous amounts of sexual intercourse about every fifty five days. The population doubles the mice. Filled the most desirable space within the penn. R- access to the food tunnels was easy. You're gonna have to work to get to a downside. Here when the population hit six hundred and twenty miles that slowed to doubling around every hundred forty five days as the mouse. Society began to hit problems. The mice split off into groups and those that could not find a role in these groups. Anti trump no. No no no but those that could not find a traditional mouse role in these groups found themselves with nowhere to go. Calhoun wrote in nineteen seventy two in the normal course of events in natural ecological setting somewhat more young Survive to maturity that are necessary to replace their dying or old established associates that excess that find no social niches emigrate here. The excess couldn't emigrate for. There is nowhere else to go. So the mouths of the mice found themselves with no social role to fill now. Does that remind you of anything in society today. Young american men. For instance as the society's evolved males who failed withdrew physically and psychologically he wrote they became very inactive and aggregated enlarge pools near the center of the floor of the universe from this point on they no longer initiated interaction with their established associates nor did their behavior illicit attacked by territorial males even so they became characterized by many wounds much scar tissue as a result of attacks by other withdrawn males. The withdrawn males would not respond during attacks. Lying there immobile later on they would attack in the same pattern. The female counterparts of these isolated males withdrew as well some. I spent their days printing themselves shunning mating and never engaging in fighting this is amazing. This is amazing. I know due to this. They had excellent for coats and were dumped. Some dubbed somewhat disconcerted ably. I'm sorry can certainly the beautiful ones. The breakdown of usual mouse behavior wasn't just limited to those groups. The alpha male became extremely aggressive attacking others with no motivation or gained for themselves and regularly raped. Both males and females. Violent encounters sometimes ended in mouse on mouse cannibalism despite or perhaps because their every need was being catered for mothers would abandon their young or merely. Just forget about them entirely leaving them to fend for themselves. The mother mice also became aggressive towards trespassers to their nests with males that would normally fill this role banished to other parts of the utopia. This aggression spilled over and mothers would regularly killed. They're young infant mortality and some territories of the utopia reached ninety percent and that was the first phase of the downfall of the utopia in the second phase that calhoun term the second death. Whatever young mice survive the attacks from others and others who grow up around these unusual mouse behaviors as a result. They never learned usual. Mice behaviors and many showed little or no interest in mating preferring to eat and preen themselves alone and soon after the population of the colony collapse completely in violence and cannibalism low birth rates. High infant mortality. And soon the entire colony was extinct. Euler certainly into the not interesting in mating interested in mating or of raising offspring period preening ourselves alone etc now. We don't have a similar overcrowding problem but we do have a pretty powerful philosophy in society that all of your needs should be met you should not have to strive for food shelter family et cetera. Housing is a human right. Food is a human right when you eliminate striving you kill on animal retirement with dignity as a human rights. Barack obama's big thing right no matter what you do or don't do throughout your life. No matter how much you save or how little no matter how lazy and stupid you are. You should have roughly as much as everyone else. You eliminate striving you kill the animal and to whatever extent males would gravitate toward the whole Be a dad. Have kids play the traditional role that is being attacked as wrong in every tv commercial and show and song and speech. You hear the right so you have that reinforced culturally in a way that mice who've produce very few tv shows can do. Then you add to that you know questionable chemicals and hormones and the rest of it in food water supplies whatever and and you end up with either mice or humans who don't strive they don't form families there's a great deal of violence And they have no role they feel. No purpose purposeless mice on we. Ridden rodents troubling. We'll have linked to the story. I in a couple of minutes. At armstrong and getty dot com. If you wanna read it in its completion. I left a lot out for linked sake but it's really interesting. Dr anthony fao ci was asked to weigh in on the controversy around nikki manashe and her cousins friends ask them and why don't they mind their own business. Cbs news asked him. Okay nikki manashe. I don't know her act really she. Twenty two million followers on twitter and she tweeted out the other day. She's not getting the vaccine. Because her cousins friends testicles. Swale in trinidad doctrine. The she said no evidence for this sort of thing impotence or testicle swelling or any of these different things He doesn't know what happened there but he. There's no evidence that that is a cause of the backseat. Has he examined the poor trinidadian. The unfortunate trinidadian himself now. I think he's doing this from afar. Have not even laid eyes on the man's nord's.

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