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The collapse occurred you know what went kinda like south to north and then all of that country came back south if you will once the weight of it shifted and it created that whole that we stay collapse on that we see up there rescuers vow to stay into the man is recovered they're bringing in heavier equipment now that the structural engineers say it's safe to do so sandy Collins newsradio seven hundred W. O. W. four street remains blocked of race because the recovery operation several bus stops locator long fourth of been moved to government square you can see a map of the area affected if you go to seven of a W. O. W. dot com search local news the latest traffic and weather together from the UC help traffic center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care in outstanding patient experiences southbound seventy font continues to be a slow go below union center to Glendale Milford from an earlier accident that had two lanes blocked off all clear all open now northbound seventy five looking good between Kyle's and the Brent Spence bridge crews are working with the wreck that has left side of the highway blocked off he spent two seventy five it's after many over pike in traffic is backing up towards the airport with only the right lane open Chuck Ingram newsradio seven hundred W. albums and his forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center we moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation learn more at no fear dentist dot com temperatures are in the low forties a warm to fifty nine this afternoon clouds will increase during the day and funny Raynal ride right around the evening drive it's likely tonight we only fall to fifty three and rain ins by about nine o'clock on Wednesday but after that it will be windy and this could impact travel temperatures will fall during.

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