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But. I think for the regular folks across the country are Democrats. Copying Democrats people who are reasonable and Democrats before and just wanted better schools, better roads, normal stuff that just didn't agree with how to get there with flip Republicans. I think they're going to jump ship. Yeah. Well, there's certainly there's certainly not going to go out of their way to be aligned with the people that they saw screaming over the weekend. I agree with you on that, Mike thirty minutes. To the left. Oh, there were there were no community organizers down there. None of this was organized. It was all spontaneous in organic Elizabeth in the district of Columbia. You're next up on wwl. What I want to know is why did she never even drop a hint to the other girls at school? Hey, watch out for that cavenaugh guy and his friend is a real creep. She wouldn't have had to go into embarrassing details or anything like that. And she never said a word, and they. So you're not buying it. Either. I think something happened to her and she's embarrassed or whatever she has gotten had repressed it in dragged it up drenched it up when Kavanagh's name came up. I I can't understand it. I'm not a shrink. All right. Thank you. All right. David Harsanyi is going to put on his shrink hat, though. He joins us in a moment. He's trying to analyze all these.

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