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Be very sick this morning, keep it here on WTO for all the details coming up. Ten 18 now traffic and weather on the 8s and Rick mcclures in the WTO be traffic center. Through the district, the freeway is still at speed and its volume on southbound D.C. two 95 through northeast, from a burrows to east capital street and you're pretty good on the northbound side of D.C. two 95 and I two 95 no problems there. I said over to Virginia, watch for the work zone traveling north on the GW Parkway after route one 23 with volume slowdowns getting by in the right lane, so expect morning slowdowns off and on northbound toward the beltway ramps on the GW Parkway. I 95, Virginia, southbound, delays now through newington, lord and parts of woodbridge of heaviest volume along the northbound side is through Fredericksburg, no issues reported in either direction as of yet. Three 95, no problems there, 66 east near Washington boulevard route 29, we had a debris spill in the center of the roadway, be careful. Over in Maryland, there's a work so set up along New Hampshire avenue with the left side blocked in the southbound lanes near Randolph road and watch out traveling west en route two 16 through Laurel had a debris spill last hour affecting the right side of the ramp to northbound I 95. Meanwhile, you're at speed in both directions on the bay bridge, watch for the work zone along the westbound span, taking out the right lane. It's two lanes west and two lanes east across the bay now. No problems reported on the BW Parkway I 95 or two 70 and the beltway is still a good ride through Maryland and Virginia so far. Get better sleep and save big at Ashley's new year's sales event, shop and save on all the leading mattress brands, but the deals won't last, visit home stores online for the Ashley store nearest you. Rick McClure, WTO traffic. Mike Jennifer has our forecast here this morning. Our long cold snap is coming to an end. Temperatures are going to be above average later this afternoon. And we'll see above average highs all the way through next week. For today, a

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