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Many places are just operating on the honor system or health information is given voluntarily but some employees feel nervous because they're not sure if everyone is following the rules ray smith lifestyle reporter at the wall street journal joins us for how businesses are handling mandates. So far thanks for joining us rape thank you. So we're seeing a lot of a patchwork rules for cove in nineteen right now when it comes to the workplace rules on vaccinations testing masking. A lot of people are more widely going back to work. And you know it's kinda different. Depending obviously on the state city everywhere and even the companies so right now what we're seeing is a lot of companies urging their employees to get vaccinated but it's largely on the honor system whether they're checking vaccination cards all that stuff and you know for a lot of people. It's it's extra confusing and even concerning because you don't know if you can trust that other person sometimes so ray help us walk through this. What are we seeing out there. What we're seeing in a lot of companies relying on the honor system rather than mandating vaccines or mask and in a way. The companies are sort of trusting their employees to be adults and responsible and honest and the issue is that you know while some employees will be all those things. there are other employees. Quite frankly who rely because they want to get into the cafeteria or they won't because they they say they're unvaccinated. They won't be able to eat there or something like that or they'd be left out general and so as much as we want to believe that the people we work with offices on the same page is going to be honest and upfront and it's just not the case and so that had a lot of employees really nervous just about whether or not their colleagues are being honest about their status or whether they're gonna volunteer that and it's one of those things that it's really kind of uncomfortable and awkward to astra colleagues about. I mean it just a mess. It comes up in the voluntary conversation. He didn't want to go and ask your coworkers. Hey are you vaccinating. And even if she do who knows if they're going to tell you the truth and so it's creating it's really fraught environment for people who already at the office or people who've gotten these announcements that we're operating on an honor system and now they're wondering whether they want to go into an office that where they just not sure. Yeah and it's a weird balance for employers as well you know they don't want to alienate the workers that maybe choose to not be vaccinated but it's also it's tougher that you know they don't want to enforce a mandate right. They don't want him to quit over things like that too. Because depending on the industry might be hard to replenish that workforce exactly the employers are in sort of a tough spot because it's a tight labor market and they know that they could potentially alienate some people if they require in rare cases they can also face lawsuits if they acquire mandates such as mask or vaccines but the other thing is that because it has gotten also so political in some cases whether to get vaccinated or not aware mask or not some companies. Just don't want to just don't want the drama of all that they just want to sort of play neutral in way and encourage rather than mandate you know we saw. President biden announce some plans to make employers with more than one hundred employees or more than that makes them get their employees vaccinated detested. But the issue really is that. You don't know how long it's gonna take to get implemented and in the meantime a lot of companies in this employees in this limbo where they're being asked to come into the office under the honor system and you made mention the article. Two after president biden announced that trending on twitter. Right away it started. I will not comply you know a lot of people that don't want to have to go through all of this and so what we're seeing in the public to is kind of different also. Obviously there's millions of people that don't want to be vaccinated. They don't wanna wear mass all that but when they do some of these surveys of people's you know whether an office work or other industries the majority of people that answer at least those polls say that they do want their employers to mandate vaccines and mask wearing brought that up. Because it's really interesting when you think about the south but this is what their employees are auctioning for their employees. Basically saying we don't mind we actually want to mandate a yeah a mine type of thing yes piece of nine and also some of the people that i talked to for the story some of the employees they were really hopeful that the higher ups in general were listening or because they felt like this is what employees are asking you to do. And you should listen to your employees because you know we talked about retention earlier on the flip side of that you know. I talked to one woman who actually quit her job when she learned that they had an honest and when they set their office return date she filed her notice when she saw that memo. And so you. You're at risk of losing people if you don't have mandates in place because people do not trust the honor system. That's another issue with employees and i think employers probably will have to listen to employees in some cases you know if there's enough of a groundswell or one employee told me live that i talked to from. Ap morgan told me that a lot of people just chose not to come in just to stay working from home if they could you know they the department could because they did not trust the honor system. And so what you're going to have in some cases in companies is if you have this honor system out there and you have a voluntary return policy. You may find. A lot of employees is not coming in just choosing to stay working through moment and definitely and in that example that you gave the woman who quit. She quickly found another job where she could work from home. But the other effect right she had to take about a fifteen percent pay-cut so just for that luxury. Let's say of of being able to work from home. So it impacts you. In a bunch of different ways. Now that president biden had has mandated that rule is you mentioned. It's gonna take time to implement so we'll see what happens there but across the board. It does seem like a employees. Want clear rules. Maybe we'll get there with that but you know for now. The honor system. I know still makes a lot of people uncomfortable. So we'll see how all of that develops ray smith lifestyle reporter at the wall street journal. Thank you very much for joining us. Thank you. I'm oscar ramirez and this has been reopening america. Don't forget for today's big news stories. 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