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There's two way delays on the Dolphin just west of 95. Still seeing Sheila North bound delays approaching killing and as well in Miami Dade and Broward County, some minor turnpike South vandalize approaching commercial Boulevard. Your next update in 10 minutes NEWS Radio 6 10 W. 00 D There's no rain on 6 10 Top the radar right now We've got clear skies but mild temperatures now 79 degrees in Sweetwater. We've got 80 in Coconut Grove, and it's 901 Broward parents pushing for a full school re opening in August are rallying outside of school board headquarters this morning. They're just finishing up. That rally is the school board meeting is about to begin. Jennifer Herman started the Facebook group Broward parents for the return to school. She says school is an essential business that should reopen five days a week, even with the rising covert 19 cases. The numbers are making, but that's all the information they're giving us. They're not giving us the statistic. The percentages, the mortality rate is still the same. The school district has called for reopening schools and classes at just 50% capacity. But The meeting today will decide Maura about how classes will start again in August, Chinese researchers say they have identified a virus that could lead to another pandemic. Fox's Carmen Roberts has that story. All right. We'll get to Carmen coming up in a bit. Almost 250 companies now signed onto that almost 250 companies have signed on to a boycott of Facebook. Ford, Pepsi, Adidas and Denny's, or the latest to join the Stop Hate for profit campaign. They're all promising not to advertise on Facebook during the month of July, a strong earthquake rattling a remote part of western Nevada. The US Geological Survey reporting there were was no extensive damage. As a result, Miami to start cracking down on businesses that violate Cove in 19 protocols, closing them for 10 15. Even 30 days for breaking the rules repeatedly on ABC is Good Morning, America Mayor Francis Suarez. What about the notion that the heat would kill off the virus? We haven't seen any evidence of that. In fact, quite the contrary, people are congregating, having the time of glory and other spreading the disease incredibly efficient. And it's starting to Mayor Suarez things people may have mistakenly thought the pandemic was over when they started to reopen businesses. New reports today contradict White House claims President Trump was not briefed on plots that accuse Russia of offering up bounties on U. S service members in Afghanistan. A military official confirms to ABC News that Russian agents were suspected of paying Taliban militant bounties to target and kill American service members in Afghanistan. A source also says the intelligence was specific enough that the military and CIA took steps to increased security and surveillance of Russian operatives in Afghanistan and senior officials were briefed as well. But National security adviser Robert O'Brien said the president had not been briefed because the information was not verified that ABC is Alex prescient. Washington The man in the villages in North Florida caught yelling White power in a video retweeted by the president is a former Miami Dade fire fighter. Roger Stokes can be heard shouting the phrase during a golf CART parade celebrating the president's birthday. On Twitter. Miami Dade Fire said the statement, made by the retired employees does not reflect the views of the department. A top prosecutor in ST Louis is investigating two white gun toting neighbors involved in the confrontation with black lives. Matters. Protesters just a few blocks from the mayor's house. ABC is Ryan borrow reports. I would have been a good one, too. We'll get to that later. With our next newscast coming up at nine o'clock, it's looking like more states could wind up on New York, New Jersey and Connecticut list of Corona virus quarantines. The tristate region is ordering travelers from states surging in covert 19 infections to quarantine for at least two weeks when arriving in the area. Eight states are on that list so far, including Florida. I think now we have the report from Fox is Carmen Roberts about the new virus threat Coming out of China Frightening news out of China, researchers say they've spotted a new virus lurking out there that could trigger another pandemic. In a study published yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers identified the virus is a new strain of the swine flu. They found it among people who work in Chinese pick slaughterhouses and say it has all the hallmarks of being able to spread from person to person and spark a panda. That's because it's a new strain so people will likely have little to no immunity to it. Carmen Roberts, Fox News Jacksonville, taking further actions to stop the spread of the Corona viruses they prepared to host the Republican National Convention in August. Masks are now mandatory at indoor public places. It's unclear whether that policy will still be in place when the president comes to town to accept the GOP nomination. A mask order now also in effect in Miami Beach, a bit closer to home and rapper Kanye West, giving a shout out to his wife. After Kim Kardashian West sold a stake in her cake W Beauty brand, Cody Ink is buying 20% of the line for $200 million. That values the company of a $1,000,000,000 West, also a billionaire on his own, took to Twitter to say how proud he was of his wife for officially becoming a billionaire. 906 halfway through 2020. Good point, Jimmy several. Oh, then can we do ship China now, so I don't remember the last time we didn't do it quick enough. They said to shut everything down now. No flights. No, don't nothing. Stifler, Why don't we send the daughters off to a convent? Maybe that would solve all the problems with that. Oh, I already got. You know, I already got the insurer information for that brochures about that. Yes. You know what? It's it's Ah, I got a gun in the shovel on. Nobody will miss you. That's a country song. I think if it's sex your line from a movie, but anyway Hey, thanks. Really were comeback, You know? Remember the room from desert here? This is supposed to be working antiviral medication. They're giving it for free. They're so nice thes people. Terrific. And now they came out with the price. They're gonna start charging Forton. What do you hear this? They had a 9 12 driving 9 10 NewsRadio, 16 w Ou I D. Welcome to the original Social media postings, using topics and sharing your comments and opinions and you're welcome to join us. Stay connected with NewsRadio 6 10.

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