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We look at different aspects of technology from literal wires in the ground to switches and routers and all the way up to the exploding amount of smart devices around us. I'm your host. Connor craven associate studio editor at sdn central this week. We are continuing to look at ransomware. In just a moment you will hear from jim. Bowers security architect in the tech gurus team at technology brokerage inc or tbi. Please no on occasion. I refer to tbi as ti research. This was set an error the tpi. Jim bowers works at is not the same organization as be research if fact if you search for tv. I research you'll probably find research papers on traumatic brain injuries and not the latest on technology solutions. If you haven't listened to our last episode on ransomware yet. I recommend you give it a listen. It's a welcome refresher on this type of malware. The short version is attackers gain access to files. They encrypt them in demand. Money before decrypt the files while they'll decrease the house if you're lucky i won't hold you any longer. Please enjoy my interview with security architect. Jim bowers of tbi hello audience. We are here with jim. Bowers of research. Welcome jim i appreciate you taking the time to chat about ransomware today. Can you tell the audience a little bit about your background and your role at ti. Yeah it'd be glad to do so My background over. The past twenty five years really started in networking for the first half. I are protected. Low latency distribution in architecture for financial trading and voice and video As threat actors starting to all the attack started to get better kinda jump into security. And that's when i worked with diaz. Mitigation helps us several carriers. Us mitigation cloud based products. And then kind of shifted more into Helping manage stock offerings rolled out several companies as well as lookit security assessments for companies tv. I really glad to be here. are of their tech guru group and that's a group of kennard engineers. That helps all of our partners kind of do that. Consultative approach Whether it's insecurity on the cybersecurity architects Or cloud or all things of voice Voice related so we really enable our our partners. Have that deeper discussion. Yeah it seems like you're Maybe a jack of all trades or You'll have a fingers a lot of pies so within all of that Where have you learned the most about ransomware and you know..

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