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Today, some sad news, according to a report from insider Microsoft scrapped plans for a HoloLens three in 2021, shifting instead to a mixed reality device is going to produce with Samsung and leaving the HoloLens team quote inflamed. So will we ever see another hollow lens quote while Microsoft insists it's committed to HoloLens and will release new versions in the future. Three insiders say Microsoft and recent months scrapped plans for what would have been the HoloLens three, and at least one person expects that this is the end of the road, at least for the product as we know it. Sources say Microsoft has also agreed to a partnership with Samsung to develop a new mixed reality device that has inflamed divisions within the team. A high profile Pentagon contract that wants burnish the HoloLens image is behind schedule, plagued by quality and performance problems. And internal disagreements about the priorities of Microsoft's broader mixed reality strategy have triggered a wave of departures and raise doubts about its commitment to the HoloLens device. Inside Microsoft's mixed reality unit run by HoloLens co creator and Microsoft technical fellow Alex kitman, more than 20 current and former employees who spoke to insider described confusion and strategic uncertainty as different factions argue about its future. The factions in recent months have been split on whether the mixed reality unit should double down on its own hardware or put more firepower behind trying to build the go to software platform for the metaverse and whether the unit should continue to focus on Microsoft's main customer base of enterprise customers or create products for consumers. Ruben caballero, a former Apple executive Microsoft hired in 2020 to run device engineering and mixed reality and AI under kitman. Once the team to focus on consumers and the metaverse, at odds with those who believe Microsoft should double down on the enterprise market and the military some insiders say, it's unclear which, if any of these different visions for the future of the unit are currently favored or even being pursued by management, even to some within the company. But the Microsoft insider suggests that it's that very sense of uncertainty that's contributed to lower team morale and driven some towards rivals like Facebook parent company meta quote. You'd have to say all things considered. This has been a pretty tough day for the metaverse. No Twitter space tonight, Chris and I are taking the week off for various reasons, including my birthday. Gonna head upstate this weekend to hopefully just read books, play in the snow, maybe ski a little bit, play some Nintendo with the kids, and not check the news. For about 48 hours. So nothing big happened this weekend. I will be here tomorrow though before we leave. So talk to you then..

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