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So lame sweet. Okay your turn. i didn't bring any tissues. They left flick. What you've learned about what it means to be human that you couldn't possibly have guessed growing up in your favorite song. You like chocolate. All right come on. What was the question. What is the banjo. Teach you about life. Well you know i. I don't know where. I put my energy and i feel like everybody got a certain amount of energy in your life to devote to various things and i've been putting most of my energy into the banjo for most of my life. And actually what's interesting learning much about life right now from having a child. Abby and juno is a great teacher. And i'm what you call type a psychotic musician. I've lived that way up until now where i could. I could make music thing the most important thing in the world and and in a way that it's my job my job is to and i know it's not make believe that the banjo and what happens with the banjo is like the most important thing in the world. And that's why i'm that's what i do. That's my job. I the experience is like just like a great physicist has to believe that's the most important thing in the world to do the kind of work he wants to do but once you have a kid all of a sudden it's clearly not the most important thing in the world and so there's a lot of growing up comes with that because it's you know it's a different world so the challenge is now are how to keep the commitment that i made this guy while keeping the commitment that i made to this girl and the guy who is the little guy. Yeah so the holy. The holy badger emperor. Yeah so that's a challenge but you know we're figuring it out together and i'm finding that it's okay not to wake up and go know work on hard musical all day and to stop and spend all morning with the watching this little kid full of wonder at these things you know as best i can do well. It's great it's been a real joy and an honor to To dive into what you do and who you are. And i'm glad you're on the world and Thank you thank you for making yourself available for this and thank you all of you for coming. Now they're going to play some music for us again new. Hi guys. would you guys sing with us. Yeah all right. This is an old song that was recorded on a porch in merle's and let south carolina in the nineteen thirties. And i you know. Maybe we should try to learn it. I think you're gonna learn it really fast so just warm up your voices. Aw get the lipscomb. Come on life is so much more fun. When you do that i to the kingdom out can do the key. Can you do me. No the trump move on down down. You sound that trump to you hear from me. I got the key. Wild to the king down world can do me no harm john on. I'm a caddo gave from heaven. Oh i got the keys. Kingdom ki the king down can do you. Her yet spoke in they zimmerman. Jam came from an ellen down deputies in.

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