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You know your hobbies. Yeah yeah that's that's the fun part you know and so yeah. Typically it's it's it's it's usually Oldest mumford and sons very safe very safe from wife. And i've seen him like three times the mumford sons. The first concert. I've ever been to or have never left to go get another beer or use the restroom. Because i didn't want to miss anything really really good. Show jam okay. Jam chris stapleton is a close second. Okay jams sees. Do you like concerts. Yes. i'm assuming yeah. I try to do a lot a lot. That comes down to corpus. Yeah you know it's weird corpses the We get a lot of headliners. I think what it is is because it's a smaller venue. It's like a warm-up show to a bigger venue so they go there. I had Houston or something like that or for example. Elton john came down Really yeah l. John kane down probably four kids. So let's six years ago. Wow my mother-in-law's from england okay and so Her sister was actually over here from england. She does like a six weeks day in. So anyways there in san antonio mula elton johnson corpus say drove down and they're both in their sixties and we're like the rock and they're like thirteen thirteen-year-old teenagers. I'll keady and we're like okay. We're gonna we're gonna pick you up from this spot at like ten o'clock you'd be. Don't be late news on the but Yeah no we get elton john. We've gotten all the big name. Rock bands will come. You know The towns tool to see to last time it came in now. I did did you. Yeah it's pretty good. Half the crowd is standing How was like sitting down. Yeah you know what. I mean i. It's a show performance. Seen watch it like that. Yeah yeah we'll get the the five fingers the world breaking benjamin's you know then you'll get everything else every genre but I would say as far as like the big headliners you know you got. I think elton john is probably the biggest one. That's that's pretty big name. yeah Oh christie appleton. So chris tables and actually played the tuesday before everything. Please shut down everything. Shutdown was yeah because that because that Cancel the rodeo. Yeah because that friday was supposed to be cody. Johnson and parker mccullough down there in corpus and Like hours before the show. That's right hours for the show got cancelled. I remember. I remember it was like the houston rodeos canceled. Oh shit is getting here. Yeah and after that. I think a day after that. Everything's lockdown. yeah yeah. It was christa. Hilton's the last. No that's not true. So we we did see a private wade bowen concert. Okay offals a few months back..

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