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Nicole Kidman, Partner discussed on The Cracked Podcast


Mid yeah it's just a thing don't go do that full doesn't really work you and your partner trust each other right we love nicole kidman if she ever listens to this i'm just making fun of this career thing we admire her dedication to being method yeah that's true like she had sex with tom cruise fries yeah and for like yeah that was all method to get that performance in that movie just great great movie yes sticking with it we also let's look at sorta relates the exorcist i feel like most people have seen it way into it so there's the most famous thing in the exorcist other than her head spinning a lot is vomiting all over the people in the room you know because that's that's what you pay the ticket for and so they had the actor playing father damien and they were like okay so obviously she's going to vomit on you because that's how it's written and he said great not the face right now they're not gonna and they're like yeah yeah totally in the chest and then the crew like secretly adjusted the vomit fire so that take is him being completely shocked that he's getting bombed all over his face he had no idea that was going to happen to him and that's why he looks upset and that's why i've seen that movie probably 'cause it's big hit i like how preoccupied with getting your money's worth for like yeah well if it doesn't have like the gotta prove that our rating with the scene where somebody gets vomited on in the face yeah because i snuck out of the house udder by parents watchful line upset for him because that's like important that such a violation like if you say you're gonna do it on the chest you don't do it on the face like they're okay that for him vomit you're talking about there's there's no kidman ephron situation there's no trust because also the director was william freed can and there's a behind the scenes documentary about the movie called the fear of god and apparently william for you can caps several loaded guns around just onset for filmmaking no so he could just fire them every once in a while to keep the crew like freaked out and keep the actors like really really tense so then when they're in scenes it's like oh look how tense they are about the possessed kit seems like some people take advantage of the filmmaking process to just like have a cult where everyone to do what you say and then they all like end up liking it because you're in a cult together on question should all directors be in jail should they put all of them in prison i know but i can name like ten because yeah it is we're like everybody's like oh i just wanna commit to this thing and then directors are like i just have to get the shot and then people are like i watch films and i think oh they're going to really try but no they are like trying really going for it that's what i imagined it was like working with jared leto on like suicide squad like you never knew when like a used condom was going to get shocked you like go to craft services you're like eating spaghetti it's just a bunch of like shoestrings or something he was so it was funny that no it's part of the process i'm like no you're just a that's why that movie so good skar winning suicide squad didn't win for like makeup or something what did it win probably best movie of all time because i one time i my friend got a free poster of the wolfman like the benicio del toro the wolfman and we just had it up in our apartment and then the wolfman was up for one oscar for makeup and we made that what we were watching for it was it's the best way to watch the oscars if you just pick one movie to win one really random thing it's great do they win it one them then what i did is iran and i printed a little sign that was like one oscar winning film attached it the value the poster through the roof yeah won a fan of a movie where you know that you're the only person who's a fan of it why i haven't seen it the poster and i got treated at like sports at the irs here's.

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Nicole Kidman, Partner discussed on The Cracked Podcast

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