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Senate House and Senate, the Senate by the State House and Senate over the last week. Under these bills, schools will have flexibility when it comes to the number of school days. Instructional Our student count in attendance. Due to the cove in 19 pandemic. There's also a covert 19 learning plan that'll allow district to be flexible adapting programs. Each district has to submit their plans to the state schools will have to describe how instruction will be delivered, whether remote or in person. Wayne State University will have the largest freshman class in the 152 year. History of the school University President Emery Wilson says Wayne will have more than 3100 incoming students. Free tuition to Detroit High School graduates is a big lore 59% increase over last year. The means are our students. First time students, black tunes, You know, that's Ah Just unprecedented are obviously we're very pleased with them. We think that the there are a number of reasons for that, one of which is the harder Detroit tuition pledge that we announced last year. Black community leaders criticizing Wayne State University for a low black student enrollment and graduation. Wilson says minority graduation rates have tripled since 2011. The body of a priest missing since a boating accident earlier this week has been found in the Detroit River. The body of Reverend Steven Rooney was found in Lake Erie near the Fermi Power plant this morning. Well, south from where the vote he was writing capsized. Reverend Rooney has been missing since Sunday night when the boat he was in overturn ear Stoney Island just off the gross seal shoreline. Steve Bannon was one once one of President Trump's most trusted advisors. Now he's facing federal fraud charges, Steve Kastenbaum says. The U. S attorney announced that Bannon and others have been indicted for allegedly defrauding people who donated money. To build a border wall. The acting U. S attorney in New York Southern District alleges that Steve Bannon and others orchestrated a scheme to defraud hundreds of thousands of donors in connection with an online crowdfunding campaign called we build the wall. It raised more than $25 million to build a border wall along the southern border of the U. S. The charges allege that Bannon and others said all of the money would be spent on construction of the wall, but instead hundreds of thousands of dollars were secretly passed onto Bryan Cole Fage. The public face of the We build The wall campaign. Steve Kastenbaum, NEW YORK President. Trump travels to Joe Biden's hometown for a speech the same day. The former vice president accepts the Democratic Party's nomination for President. Biden campaign political strategist Simone Sanders says they're not worried at all about what appears to be trump, patrolling by way, actually appreciate President Trump going out there because the American people will get to see a tale of two presidents. Tonight. You will see Donald Trump doing what he always does. Talking about himself lobbing attacks. We will see vice president buying tonight talking about the American people talking about his vision for the future. It's the final night of the four day first of its kind, virtual convention and includes the speech. The Joe Biden has been waiting more than 30 years to give At the virtual Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. Hi, I'm Jim Room the Dow up 71 points right now. NASDAQ is up. 1 19 4 W. J R News. I'm Marie Osborne. We have guy Gordon. Coming your way in two minutes. Hi. I'm Dr Anita Chandra with today's tip for kids from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Helmets are important for every bike, right,.

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