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Rearmed one possible change how much did this would it make this morning edition guinness hour we asked republican congressman tom colle where the gun debate goes from here i'm steve inskeep and i'm rachel martin earlier this year a student at st died after his fraternity brothers made him drink too much and and left him after he took a fall what did his death reveal about the culture of hazing and life process and lighting up in the city of lights is about to get a little praise here it is friday october six actress elizabeth shue had a whole lot of adventures and babysitting today she is fifty four years the newscast is next live from npr news in washington on core of a coleman npr has learned that the las vegas shooter researched hotels in boston the information has surfaced in electronially items that belonged to steven paddock that have been recovered by police the shooter open fire on a music festival sunday night from a las vegas hotel room fifty eight people were killed and nearly five hundred others were injured the labor department says the us economy lost thirty three thousand jobs last month it's the first such decline in seven years npr's jim's rowley says there is a big reason for the job losses it was almost certainly do the one thing which is the hurricanes all the bad weather we saw in cuba texas in the southeast that especially hurricane are amount because that took place during the period in in september when the labor department surveys businesses about job creation meanwhile people were still recovering from harvey in in in all the flooding that caused in in texas and louisiana the labor department says about a million and a half people were not able to work last month because of the weather vice president mike pence has arrived in the us virgin islands he'll visit puerto rico later today npr's lauren megahey reports pence's visit will focus on efforts to recover from hurricane maria the vice president first heads to think create a day he'll take an aerial tour to survey the storms damage then he heads to send one where he in the second lady will participate in a prayer service.

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