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It was brought up on a current. When I read about how you guys have the Haslett, go armories and a half and playing on wood floors. But. That's what honed my game by game that way at lake it early, brother. Early. We've had that. Jimmy or is the ticket early coming up off the court so fast. If it got in onto your dead because you guys were playing on linoleum essence, right? You know, the spins and everything would just take the ball so quickly. So, you know, the the days of now that where the guys play so far behind the line growing up on the way. I did if I'd played that far back. It would have been non-existence. Now, it was it was a great education. Great upbringing. Well, I I love that. The an believe me folks, this blows holes in every misnomer where they've ever labeled somebody a mother's boy because you are lucky or use stepped up to that like full throatedly. Of course, you are. She was can you? Imagine your mom champion like that. I always get such peace of mind off that that you had those two in your corner. Yeah. Well, you know back then it was criticized quite a bit too. You know, as it's always okay for your dad, you know, to to take Wayne Gretzky out, and you know, get him on the ice with the hockey stick Joe Montana. Anna's dad throw football with him. But for some reason, it wasn't okay. For Gloria counters to teach your son how to play tennis and I was taught her game woman's game. You know, very, you know, very easy. No frills, very it'll compact, and you know, one two it wasn't any excess motion in the game. And then and then to have that game come out and to play against the best players in the world and win was. Well, listen, the beauty the beauty of playing a woman's game that eventually led to the most feared return shots in the history. That tennis up to that point is beautiful. I mean, that's a that's a long strange trip. But I'm telling you when people came in on you if they added in the wrong place back in or head. It was coming back like laser. So it might have started a woman teaching boy, but eventually became the unlikeliest power game. You're not that big a cat a lot. My my mom was was nobody to mess with and I say that very respectful. But I mean towards my game, you know, she knew how she wanted me to play and and she stood along with my grandmother on the court, and and told me how to hit the ball in what to do. And and if if I did it wrong, she stopped me, then she didn't wait until the end of the session, Joe because you you you forget, you know, so she she made sure that it was in my mind. She says now you did that never never criticize me never never shot me down. But always said now you did that. Okay. But if you do it this way, right? It might be better. You know, I it was in everybody thought I was pushed into tennis tennis, tennis tennis. So you know, for me, I took to it. And and and wanted to be around it. So I was like a sponge, Sean, everything, right? I soaked up everything that they've been when Johnny was the older one. Right. You would sit there and watch a right? I was second. I got to play second which was fine. That's in. That was always fine with me. Because I I got I. Learn just as much by listening is is I did by actually playing and and you know, was when my brother stopped thirteen I think, and it's not that he didn't quit really loving tennis because you know, tennis's life now in teaches and enjoys it. But when he stopped, you know, it was kind of, you know, he was my my gauge, you know, if I could keep up with my brother or beat my brother than jeez, I was I was improving, and you know, when he stopped and went on and did other things, and you know, kind of took away a good gate truly. Well, you can hear the bass Jimmy hat, folks. I mean, it's it's sorta like the Waltons with a two handed backhand. That's I mean, very is. So it's so loving that. I always think wow..

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