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Brett Cavanaugh, Brett Cavenaugh, Brad Cavenaugh discussed on Ben Ferguson


This is the Ben Ferguson show on six hundred W R E C N six hundred W R, E dot com. Well, the supreme court nominee President Donald Trump is in jeopardy after a woman has come forward claiming that he sexually assaulted her back in high school. She doesn't remember how she met Brad cavenaugh. She doesn't remember where the house was she doesn't remember how she got home? But she does say that Brett Cavanaugh is the man who as a high school boy held her down and drunkenly tried unsuccessfully to take her clothes off at a party that she doesn't remember who's house. It was out who was hosting it. But she does remember every single person that was at the party. Now, she's also come forward and said that she is willing to testify before congress as Republicans including Bob corker from Tennessee are now saying that they would not feel comfortable voting on cavenaugh until they hear more from the alleged individual who has come forward saying the. Cavanaugh is a terrible man that should not be trusted. Now. Also tonight, former girlfriends of Brett cavenaugh from high school have come forward, issuing statements. Supporting Brett cavenaugh saying this is not how he acted ever when they were around him or dated him. There have also been sixty five other women who came forward over the weekend saying that they also believe that this is absurd now. So, you know, the lawyer for the cavenaugh accuser is also downplayed sexual misconduct allegations against Bill Clinton and Al Franken when she was involved in those cases, I'm going to give you the details of the politics behind this coming up, but this is certainly a big day for the president. Here's a little bit more about what the White House is saying this afternoon..

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Brett Cavanaugh, Brett Cavenaugh, Brad Cavenaugh discussed on Ben Ferguson

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