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Good evening. I'm Pat Thurston. I'm here for chip Franklin, and my guest is Mr. Tim Sika, we are talking about movies, which makes me very excited. We're going to talk in a little bit Tim about a great holiday movies because I saw the movie that everybody says is such a great Christmas movie. It's called a Christmas story, probably know it. Oh, yeah. Chris seen it like fifty times. And you know, what I thought it was really good. It's not my favorite Christmas movie. Not by a long shot. But I thought it was a really good movie. I mean, so many people raved about it. Maybe my expectations were too high. Well, yeah. Yeah. It's it's a nice sweet kind of simple story filmed a lot of that. I'm sure this'll be perfect any interest to anyone except myself and the people that wail from Cleveland, Ohio. But a lot of it they filmed in in Cleveland, and I remember when it was being when when was being filmed, it was like a big deal because nobody ever films movies in Cleveland. I remember the the local population was very excited about it. And I think the chunk of it. I think at the local bees. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. It was good there. I have no no issues with it. I thought that movie was very good. Not not a problem, but not my very favorite Christmas movie, which I think is an animated movie, and it's called Mr. Magoo Christmas. Carol. I love that. I think it's my very favorite and even the music in that because it was it was so funny. It's a play within a play, and it's a musical. And it's animated. It's mr. Right. And it's being performed in front of a live audience. Alive cartoon audience. And you know, the the the composer lyricist for that with the same composer lyricist music and lurks for funny girl is that I did not know that yellow Julie Stein. And a one of the things I love about that that piece is that it's like a fifty minute with without commercials. Fifty fifty two minute musical. And it's a it's a complete full fledged musical that they manage to. I don't wanna say cram into that running time. But it's it's it's brilliantly constructed. I get that's what I want to say in the tunes are beautiful. The songs are good and wonderful. I remember them to this day. And I think the last time I thought I was a fairly young kid. And I just you know, I think about it every once in a while I think about some of those tunes, and I just belt them out because they were such good. And all of them were different. All the song. Didn't it's not like they all sounded alike were true to whatever was happening and the character they came. All of them came out of character. They all flowed within within the book of the peace, and yeah, it's just are typically, it's it's an amazing. I'm amazing thing. It really was. Yeah. I I really love it. I cannot even add to your you. And I have to say. Mr. Magoo as a fine actor. He is you know, I don't know if it was I was talking to John Rothman once we were talking about this. And I don't know if you remember this. I remember as a child this was on it was on. It was a program that was on Sunday afternoons, and it I can't remember the name of the series. But it was Mr. Magoo every week. It was Mr. Magoo playing a different famous literary carrot. Oh, no. I don't remember that. I remember the the little cartoon show where he drove in that little car that are. I didn't know that he played a different veterinary care. He played gun. Good. Then he played all these all these different characters. And and that was. Mr. Magoo was amazing. And he performed these roles in the character of Mr. Magoo, and they were all really, believable and credible. And just amazing. And I remember as a child watching that show, and it making me go to the library to get books about the that were being portrayed in that. So that good. I mean, that's when you know, they've done a great job when they when they cause you to do something positive like that to learn more. I love that that that makes me very very happy. So what's your very favorite holiday movie? My very very. Can't say the same one. You have to pick a different one. I should have. I should have a ready answer for that. But I'm just going to say the first one that comes to mind, that's obvious. Anybody to listen to always go on that? I really love musicals musical version of a Christmas. Carol Charles Dickens called Scrooge that came out in nineteen seventy with Albert Finney as screwed yet. He plays. He plays the older Scrooge in the younger Scrooge to yes. And yeah. Alec Guinness plays Marley's ghost, and it's just a rollicking fun beautifully mounted. Have to bring that one out again because I remember seeing it and I remember loving it. But I don't remember it specifically. So I'm going to have to get it out. And listen to you know, it's funny when it first came out, I thought it was a little bloated. And and I was kind of critical of it. But over the years, I kept returning to it. And I love it. I try to watch it every every Christmas season. I miss this year this year didn't even seem way Christmas. It went by so fast. It's one that I keep going back to I love the score. Leslie, Bricusse did the music and lyrics, and I think he wrote the screenplay to which is an adaptation of Charles Dickens Christmas. Carol. It's a big hit song from that was. Thank you very much as it go. I'm not gonna sing come on. When we come back from the break, we should come back from the break with that song. It's called. Thank you very much. Karen, doesn't like to be told what to play. I'm sorry. You can play whatever you want. What's it called you very much? Thank you very much. It's from Scrooge. It's from Scrooge. And it's once you hear the tune you can't get it out of your head. It's one of those ear worms. It's like it was small world. Oh god. It can't be that bad. Listen, let's get a phone call here. This is Evan. He's calling from Santa Rosa Evan. Hi. Welcome to KTAR, you're on with Tim Sika, Pat, Thurston. Go ahead. I'm calling because every time I ever hear talk show host mentioned that every Christmas. We almost always mentioned Christmas story. And it's a good movie. Don't get me wrong. I like it, but jingle all the way was Arnold Schwarzenegger's totally under appreciated. It may be the funniest person you ever. An incidentally funnier than Christmas story. Do you ever seen jingle all the way with all sorts nigger? I don't think Tim has. Timbo funny. It is it's very very funny. It's very light. It's very seasonal. Yeah. What else? I mean. Elf is very funny health is good too. But it's not as good as jingle all the way. I do what about bad Santa well bad Santa's filthy. That's true. I mean, it's a nasty movie. And that's why it's so funny because you have this like drunk profane Santa Claus. I mean, it's like, yeah. That's thornton. Yeah. I don't think I saw jingle all the way Evan. So you have inspired me. And I'm putting that on my list. So that I can see it. I'm so glad you brought that up and don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that a Christmas story is one of my favorites. I'm just saying I finally watched it, and it was good. It was really good. It wasn't great. But it was really good. Hey, Tim before we go back to more of my nonsense. Let's talk about on the basis of sex on the basis upset what would I mean? What do you want to talk about on the basis of that a new movie? Yes. It is. You're trying to trick me. It is. It's it's a movie about Ruth, Bader Ginsburg. It's about her early life. And it's good. It's not to be confused with our BG, right? Which is the documentary about about supreme court Justice Ginsburg. This is a movie a narrative featured selected by Mimi Leder. It starts Felicity Jones as a young Ruth Ginsburg and Armie hammer as her husband, and the movie focuses on nineteen seventy case that she argued in court with her husband about sex discrimination. Only it involved a man, right? And this is another one of those movies. I kinda hate to rag on and I'm sort of tempted to because a lot of it in in terms of its style. And it's like safe kinda mainstreaming approaches kind of pedestrian, but the story of a young Ruth Ginsburg of a lawyer in the fifties in the United States, and what she went through the sexism. She endured the fight she had the wage personally to even practice law. Nobody would hire this woman, even though she was number one in her Harvard Law School group, and she was a hell of a lot. Smarter than all the men that she had to deal with the movie goes into her amazing work in in striking down all these discriminatory laws based on gender and all of that makes this movie worth seeing and celebrating. I think particularly I think young girls would absolutely love this movie. This woman was amazing is still as everybody knows that already. But she is. I mean, she's truly she's the notorious RPG, and and it is a people really now are appreciating here. But look how long it took. I mean, really, and what I like about this movie is that it focuses on her her early life and her relationship with her husband who had a cancer scare early in their marriage. And so what's interesting, and I didn't know what she did in order for her husband to stay in the law game. She attended classes for him. So she was not only doing her own work in trying to get her law degree. She was doing his work for him while he was recuperating. And then she would go home at night. And they'd go over all these briefs and stuff. She's I mean, and I love RGB our BG. I mean, the the documentary I love the fact that this focused on her her her early career because very little of that I knew about in except in a general way, and the acting is very good. I you know, I when I watched this movie I thought man, I wish I had young daughters. I would just, you know, take them to see this. And let them see many times. I guess I have been told because I'm gonna take my daughters to it. All right. Hang on, Tim. I gotta take a little break here. And I see we may have other phone calls coming in at eighty eighty eight ten. I'm Pat Thurston. Tim Sika is my guest is website is celluloiddreams dot net. And you're listening to GO Pat.

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