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Because i remember it being so weird it was a big a nice opening weekend eighteen mill will end like steven seagal slump happened like his last successful movie before exit wounds was before i started tracking the box office so when out of nowhere he had like a 20milliondollar opener i was like since one is linked steven seagal make money my dad was like ten years unless you've been garland d m access other moving it i have never seen have you seen exit wound god i ate is on box office modrow's it's the fourth highest dirty cop movie behind la confidential training day and the departed it's got to comic relief characters and one of them is tom arnold the other one is anthony anderson the only thing i remember that movie is the last seen is clearly them being like oh these two goes refining let's atas scene for the credits and i'm talking and just tom arnold anthony anderson talking about jerking off number one at the domestic box office even mendez is also in an apparently under i don't remember that church number two was at the time one of the most expensive european films ever made to war movie i saw this in theaters it's not just ourselves i know is source to vary pretty british actors and one very pretty british activate the gates starring uh uh what it's jude law and fought the other one is is a race it's it's a josefino yossef nine and rachel vice in and john sakyno directed at a yes and it harasses in its wealth but the battle of stalingrad have you seen that movie now.

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