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He pays to listen now back to robert kia sake and the rich dad radio show cusak nativist radio show money does not make rich as we had three outstanding champions young men who started early on their lives to become champions becoming just getting into the national football league as a you know i started playing football when i was nine and by the time i got to college i played all through college and we had a pro football player come in civil several come to teach us there's a difference those guys are god's as far as i'm concerned but they make millions of dollars in the money for most of them are is gone most of them are bankrupt within seventy two percent are bankrupt within four four to five years and because money doesn't make your read someone thank ryan breuls player for the detroit lions rod smith through time superbowl champion three times pro bowler captain of the denver broncos and author of the rod effect master of eight philosophies took me from the projects to nfl sue super bowl stardom and chris redman he played for the atlanta falcons and baltimore ravens so i think this young man for giving us an insight to a world we will never see most of us will ever say elliot's i couldn't see it anyway is the most popular program ask robert and you can submit your questions to ask robert at rich dad radio dot com so most of us the first question our first question today comes from sofia in miami florida favorite book rich dad poor dad she says robert i've built a successful business and am now in my third year unfortunately we had a bad business partner who was stealing money from the company i refused to let it defeat me and i'm working to save my business my question is have you ever had to use credit cards or your own personal funds to keep your business afloat if so how do you know when to say win to avoid financial ruin.

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