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Officer had his head grace all just a little bit more and those two little boys will drop out for that because some people because this government are both a little federal and state level don't want to do anything about getting these guns off the street to get them out of the hands of criminals he wasn't seriously injured so they'll have their dad but as you can imagine that really got the conservative media buzzing criticizing people for politicizing the shooting here in Philadelphia Kenny is a Democrat and a few democratic presidential candidates on the campaign trail also mention the shooting to highlight their calls for stricter gun laws alright just a close call and let all those officers are okay and peers Jeff Brady are reporting Philadelphia thanks a lot Jeff thank you the majority of children enrolled in the federal Medicaid program are not getting appropriate treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD that's the conclusion of a new report from a federal watchdog agency and here's Patty neighmond has far Elizabeth caving knows just how important it is to get a child with ADHD diagnosed and treated as soon as possible for her daughter the first year of school kindergarten was a disaster she was constantly being reprimanded and forced to sit still and she's a bright child but she kept falling further and further behind in learning letters and language because she could not concentrate the pressure and stress took its toll her five year old daughter became anxious and depressed it was a constant struggle says KV but on the last day of kindergarten her daughter finally was diagnosed with ADHD she was prescribed medication and qualified for special help at school she would have teachers that they could tell when she was just overwhelmed and when something was really hard and they take you know let's go get a drink water and they'd walk down the hall and they could get her back and focused but that kind of success is not the case for the majority of children enrolled in Medicaid according to Brian Whitley with the office of inspector general nationwide or five hundred thousand Medicare role children newly prescribed and ADHD medication did not receive any timely follow up care they didn't see a health care provider for a month.

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