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News radio time is 12 31 Our top story this week. Four Eagle County Back country skiers were killed in the Avalanche is the latest death happened yesterday in the East. Vale shoots 41 year old John Cho from Vail Village, died on Monday. Three back country skiers from Eagle County died outside Silverton. There are avalanche warnings up throughout the high country currently have high avalanche danger at multiple elevation bands in the steamboat, flat Top stone and then the veil and come in Summit County Zone. Um And so we have the Avalanche warnings up and those two zones. My Cooper, staying with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, says the recent heavy snow on top of a thin snowpack is to blame, he says Back country, skiers should avoid slopes steeper than 30 degrees. Denver man's in big trouble for allegedly pointing a laser at the Denver police helicopter. Logan double was arrested after a November 4th incident, a Cheesman Park If convicted, he could get five years in federal prison. The nation's unemployment rate falling slightly in January. The economy, adding 49,000 jobs, slightly fewer than economists expected. The Dow industrials right now up 99 points, the S and P 500 gaining 18 the NASDAQ It's up 74 Our next news updates at one o'clock, I'm Susan Within. On Ko E News radio, a 50 A M and 94 1 hour found there's a check on traffic with Brit Morgan. The bedspreads course Traffic center or crashed me cleared out of the way on south on I 25 approaching the turnpike backups back toward Thorton Parkway. Rest of the highway Drive in decent shape will slow the usual spots there. Stop bound to 25 25 westbound. 70 head across Commerce City getting bogged down there. Vasquez once again off the highway in the West Side crash being cleared it.

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