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Me New York city's lifting its curfew there was a reaction to sometimes violent protests over the death of George Floyd things have calmed down considerably governor Andrew Cuomo has some advice for those who demonstrated though get tested for the corona virus we are concerned that those protests may have increased the spread of the virus we're going to do thirty five thousand tests per day just in New York City Joe Biden will travel to Houston tomorrow to meet with the family of George Floyd two weeks after Floyd's death in police custody CBS news update I'm Sam lead singer this is news radio nine fifty W. W. J. news time in Detroit six thirty two today in the city of Detroit crowds gather once again to protest police brutality for a tenth straight day W. WJW local from the D. with the details are things this evening's act hello Greg good things are passionate things are civil though and you know that music you're playing right there that was a beautiful moment as protesters earlier crossed the Fisher freeway downtown now Greg we are in front of little Caesars arena and the protesters say they have a message for the Ilitch is in there chanting our streets or city now earlier Greg I talked to one area he drove all the way from Chicago to be here today he went to the university of Michigan as a nursing student but he says it was important to be here and this is the change he wants as a nurse I want to see public health be refunded in the city of Chicago for every dollar that went to the police department in twenty seventeen to cents went to public health so in the middle of a public health pandemic and we look around and ask yourselves why are doctors where nurses not well equipped well it's because all the resources are being trained into the police department so and again Greg this the tenth night of protests we are on Woodward right in front of L. C. A. with the protesters are chanting or street or a city probably at least a thousand maybe two thousand much like it was yesterday this protest began at Detroit public safety headquarters reporting from downtown Detroit Zack Clark at WWJ newsradio nine fifty exactly as numbers you mentioned a thousand two thousand so even though it's the tenth day the the numbers are still strong we're not really seeing a crowds dwindling at this point right no Greg I don't think so in that the message has remained the same and you know I was out here yesterday with these protesters as well and they said they will protest until they see substantive change and you know Greg I don't know how long that will take it it's not gonna take days or even weeks and so you know if these protesters are true to their word these could last well into the summer though I will just have to C. as time goes by but Greg no you're right this protest feels as vibrant as yesterday's maybe even as the day began Zach you know in other cities we've heard calls for the police to be de funded or completely you know reorganized or any of the protesters calling for that here yeah absolutely great again you know we see a lot of signs that say the phone to the police and yesterday at the end of the March was about nine thirty the protesters had a list of demands at the top of that list was transparency within the police department including an independent audit of the department's finances and I got a lot of people say the money that goes into the police department could be better spent to better serve the public and public health so that's gonna be a big point of contention Bragg North Texas again WW JZ archy is out there in Detroit this evening covering those protests to be out there all evening long stay with WWJ for all the latest night of Detroit's top business leaders come together last week to denounce the racism and injustice surrounding the police deaths of George Floyd Brianna Taylor and almond armory Reverend Wendell Anthony of the Detroit chapter in double ACP says there's never been a time where business leaders came together on a racial issue and he welcomes their input they can make a difference and law enforcement they can make a difference with our legislative bodies they can make a difference in the halls of Congress and in the halls of the White House whoever happens to be that leaders from the Detroit three among those calling for changes to win the systemic racism and injustice against minorities city council member in Michigan's upper peninsula is apologizing for jokingly suggesting shooting demonstrators who commit violence or vandalism during a July fourth celebration Escanaba councilmember Ralph blasier made the remarks during a Thursday council meeting reading from a statement saying those who threw objects at police shot anyone or set fires will be shot in both legs and left lying there till dawn with only to crawl to the hospital the Escanaba daily press reports later apologized Friday calling it a failed attempt at humor the comic comes amidst demonstrations after the death of George Floyd Democrats are expected to unveil a new bill in Congress Monday to address police misconduct and racial bias CBS news correspondent Wendy Gillette has details on what's in that legislation the bill is called the justice in policing active twenty twenty according to a summary obtained by The New York Times it would track police misconduct nationally banned certain types of chokeholds make it easier to prosecute officers and make lynching a federal hate crime New Jersey senator Cory Booker is one of the bill's sponsors for black people in this country we thought this country's out of control in the way police is our communities and individuals for a very long time he spoke on NBC's meet the press Wendy Gillette CBS news National Guard troops will be pulled out of California cities where they've been deployed for a week after rampant violence and thievery more the first days of protests over the death of George Florida according to officials today the announcement came as peaceful demonstrations again popped up across the state including one on horseback another on wheels as protesters continue to call for police reforms a number of cases of the corona virus in Michigan over fifty eight thousand today the state health department reporting one hundred twenty one new confirmed cases of the virus the number people have recovered now more than forty two thousand chief medical executive Dr J. Calhoun says the fewest cases are in northern Michigan but all the vers continued to trend in the right direction the Lansing region now also has a rate of under seven cases per million people per day the Detroit Kalamazoo Jackson and second all regions are all saying less than twenty cases per million people per day number of deaths connected to the corona virus now stands at five thousand six hundred fifty six the most in Wayne Oakland and Macomb counties coming up next on news radio nine fifty Michigan ranks among the best rates in the nation for helping small businesses handle the pandemic crisis I am Marie Feldman W. W. J. news time six thirty eight traffic.

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