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Right to left and now back to the right side to pool who gives it to Matthews will bounce it left corner to pool back to Matthews on the left wing shovels it over the pool pool. A step back three on the left wing, Jordan pool. No. But he gets the foul. Call third time today that the Gators of fouled Michigan three point shooter this on Jalen Hudson, his first and Jordan pool who misses the shot goes to the line for three throws. And obviously, Jordan pools, a guy that can be a high level of shotmaker over the course of ages four of eleven you're following him. While he's shooting a step back fadeaway three ninety wise decision by Florida, Georgia pool making your pay knocking down the first throw. Two more for pool was a game high fourteen for Michigan. One more for pools. He hits the second. Big foul all the momentum was with floor. They get the miss from fool. But the foul results in flea made free throws. And it's forty six thirty seven Michigan backup by nine critical offensive possession here with thirteen fifty to go Florida. Can they keep the offensive momentum going them hard dribbling middle of the floor jumps the past left corner to Chianti Johnson. Johnson driving dumps it to Hayes art bounce for his as against Heskey in the right? Block moves to the middle of the lane. Wanna go throws it back out to them heart six to shoot around a haze screen gifts? It right side corner to Johnson launches on the shot clock. The three short Matthews. Good box out gets the rebound for Michigan. Now Simpson up the floor quickly to poo poo on the right wing backs. It out to Simpson Simpson now back to pool lobbing underneath testy was calling for it. And he throws a pass off the back of the backboard, but it was tipped by no alive. So.

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