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Right. Tease spend me. When i say he was two weeks. Oh my life down combat. This only take part in beggar. Mac own speaking black stand got you can me. How many how. Much time. I got this men in the half. All right. gimme a give me. Give me to counter punches. I'll send you that off coal Shut out a stainless shutout committee. Everybody I guess even away come away from the prescott conference you can walk away with a perception. What i saw was the guy who and had enough already enough in new. That wasn't a platform to continue speaking. It's like i keep hearing. Why didn't he sit is. Why didn't he said man to man. Already been record saying and people had to meet ahead of phil d- on making his comments saying it was excuses saying he this he say he say that he met this. So when you get down so fight you protect your brain your mind mentality so you gotta come correct. I'm so he wanted to do so. Many things fear on the stage. So i think putting the headphones on the putting the shades on was probably his master. Help him Once so You know holds feelings in or keep his Keep his feelings in In order and what have you. Because i mean he's a passionate person so he might put this over which they may not be to make it to fight so him getting up there and put it on the hair. Phone was with a little crazy for me. But when i realized what he was trying to accomplish what i took and receive from it i thought he was just trying to maintain and keep yourself cool calm and collective. He say what he had to say was very shelf few. I think he saved enough already. Like i say everybody keeps saying why speak to the media when the media was making mockery of what you say everything you they're going to critique it why have all these a play mind games in this is what you say and then they up there making videos laughing a circus coming to town and stuff like they're making fun of the shit you say when williams hold it serious because i said wow there was quite everybody was saying why is he coming out saying anything was while to start speaking everybody. He should be quiet. Now get on stage at the press conference and say nothing. Just look the man rick. Clean is is for fight that he's planning on fighting and in july twenty four and we got critique so i guess fans we just always want fuck we want in no matter what but all i wanna see what he do in a rain come to and ford. And that's all that matters to me if he got on her and was quiet and then get his ass whooped. We can tell them. But if you get on and then we're pizzazz then we can say well maybe series and so forth release scott like sammy said it best. Sometimes we get put in a situation where we put and we say shit that we don't even think i realized how stupid resound. I'm like somebody's about being a pr or the context of it. He ain't nobody fucking pr. He shouldn't be speaking 'cause obviously he don't know fear got these mind games and he say shit and he'd go hold him. He will hold them accountable for the city. Say and he just put his he just say out there putting it out there and he should've kept his words. Sean a few too at the same time. I'm looking forward to the twenty four. I can't wait to see the fight. That's what i want to find out what the did or should i be. Mccall i ain't trying to entice you back but i just think you wrong If we have to stop lying and and saying oh well he chose not to talk because those people twist his words or that wasn't the right platform because the last time they laughed at him. Gentlemen ladies people around the world listening he literally talked to other people after but it's two youtube channels so now just walk with me for a little bit. He says they bury in the truth. Nobody wants to talk about fury cheat. And it's obvious that he's cheating and like if it's obvious a cool. Let's use this platform now to show that so the world because it's not a youtube channel right fox channel eleven channel nine pigs levin. Whoever right cnn sportscenter they're less inclined right. We all understand the world we live in. They're less inclined to refer to a youtube channel. Not everybody is. Stephen smith that goes and gives fight hype credit and says well floyd told fight high dot com not. Everybody is that respectful by want to see the next brother come up so the ayatollahs fields kim's and and the bay ben babies. They don't gotta use youtube at lea- setbacks interview fred's interview but he did them fellows. He did them ten minutes after he left the press conference. So all i'm saying is your message would have made it to more ears. Doing it live on fox. It would force mainstream media to say well. Deontay wilder is accused tyson fury of cheating in his last fight. It wouldn't be this thing that mainstream media does know about but they're staying hush hush according to wilder right. That's what i'm saying. We gotta stop lying if you ain't gonna talk. Don't talk to nobody but you talkin. I'm find the clip. Be slept that we need to be sticking a slap. That ain't it. yeah. I'm already here is already you know that that's that's about. Aj.

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