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During that last segment. I lost my train of thought a little bit, but my my, uh, what I wanted to just mentioned to you Is that? Mm. With mortgage applications down and consumers seem to be I mean, I think we're seeing the beginning size of a potential hunkering down. Of consumers, and that is very critical. Nobody's talking about. It is something that we ought to be talking about. We also have gotten some very interesting information coming out and reference to covid statistics and other things now, uh, Twyla Breeze is going to be with us here in a few minutes. And when Twyla is here, we'll ask her about these things. Or she'll talk about these, but you know it is. It is very, very interesting. Now, one of the things that I have been talking about as we have been asking, and we still needed folks. We need you to go to financial issues dot org and click on India Partners. Is that red banner right there, And they are still desperately trying to feed the hungry and we were on track to getting closer to our $50,000 goal that that I just arbitrarily picked out of the error that we had set and I know on Friday, we were 35,000 just over for 35,000. So I hope we can reach that. But I got an email from John Sparks, who says the financial issues has has been feeding has fed over 1000 families so far, just in the recent last couple of weeks since we started this Talking about that, And that's amazing. So and that's not feeding them one time feeding them for 14 days, so we need, um We need you to continue to think about and pray about. If you can give anything. Please go directly to India Partners. Don't send a check into us or don't use our Website. It's the same thing whether you use the website or are as you're not saving any time. So use their website because we're going to end up giving you a credit for what you did on her ours and redirecting you to their website, and that takes time. So On their site on our site. Financial issues. You have to go there. Instead of pushing Donate button push. On click on the raid. India Partners Banner. It's right there on towards the top on The right hand side of the screen. It's red. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Nothing else is read on the site. Click on it, just hit it. Move your mouse around in the middle that click on it. It's going to take you to the page that you can donate. So I hope you will do that. We desperately need your participation. But remember, I said, the most shameful thing. And this is this has been so annoying to me. Because of the stubbornness of the pharmaceutical companies because they can't allow them to admit that there are 100% curable treatments to covid because they can't bring themselves to doing that. Thousands and thousands and thousands of the Impoverished people of India are dying. Every single day, and they're saying Children are dying. Um pastors are dying churches are are are dwindling because of this. And they're saying, Well, we can't get vaccinated that. What vaccine? Is there? A vaccine? What vaccine? We can't get vaccinated and I said it's shameful that we should be sending over. Medicine to treat them. Well, that's exactly What is happening? Ivermectin. Now India itself is ramping up. Production. Of ivermectin. They're trying to get 14 million. 12 MG pills produced by the end of July. And guess what's going to happen, Mr Pharmaceutical Company, Mr. President, Mr. Corrupt government, Mr. Mr and Mrs American Medical Association. And if John, if you're listening, John Hopkins, if you're listening you to all of you. Guess what? You're all going to look like the fools that you are the corrupt fools that you are when they get done Manufacturing 12 million dosage of Ivor Mactan now, unfortunately, Indian will give them to the more well off people first. And the the poor will continue to suffer, and so they can ramp it up more. But I want to see and know how the governments of around the world are going to explain this. That's what I want to see. I want to. I want to see how they're going. Well, this is a relatively new discovery, and we had no idea really know you had no idea because every time somebody mentioned it on Facebook or Twitter or whatever they took it off. Of course, you had no idea because you're not. You're only reading the propaganda that is given to you by the pharmaceutical companies in the government's Pathetic, pathetic, but I'm glad they're doing it indeed is finally doing it. And it is such a blessing that they are and thousands of Children and people, elderly people that severely impoverished hopefully this will get to them. And they will be saved. They will be saved. Maybe India is going to have to ship this to other places of the world. Because pharmaceutical companies Here in America and other places won't dare do it. You got to keep that fear of burning. Keep it burning. You want anybody to get comfortable? You don't want anybody to think that this is nothing and there's a cure. Or maybe you can. Now you've major billions of the vaccine. Unbelievable. There's another. Study done. Santa Clara County. California. Speaking of prophetic.

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