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Southern state a westbound crashed between one or nine one ten blocking two lanes backing your from new highway and really either way you are better off on sunrise highway I'm Greg rice on ten ten wins thank you Greg now the accu weather four day forecast meteorologist Brian Thompson with this live right for Brian here we got some rough weather headed in here later today L. are gonna be watching for at least some spotty strong storms the rain we had earlier kind of suck some of the energy out of the atmosphere but to looking up stayed on center was operator we do have some showers and thunderstorms redeveloping and would be surprise of those make their way into the tri state area heading into the ceiling of the storms could be heavy and gusty and later on tonight partly cloudy lo sixty eight pretty warm tomorrow with some sunshine high eighty five couple showers thunderstorms around tomorrow night a little sixty nine and then Friday and Saturday both very warm and humid a lot of the time will be dry with some sunshine but each day while the shower thunderstorm around especially the afternoon with highs running in the mid eighties then it will turn cooler Sunday seventy two degrees right now it's partly sunny and mid summer going down to sixty eight I'm accu weather meteorologist Brian Thompson on new York's weather station Penton went swinging his time for fourteen crossamerica business owners are figuring things out Comcast business is here for you but the network that helps give the speed reliability and security plus voice solutions like remote call forwarding and readable voicemail when every connection counts you can count on us call one eight hundred five oh one six thousand today meet chock now meet trucks personal information hello made up of things like account log ins bank info and Chuck social security number whenever chop shops banks and browses online his info travels all over the world bowls you ni how brief yet exposing.

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