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The foresight in two hundred years ago to drop a town right here eventually grew into boulder university in the football facility. It's really spectacular selling. Yeah. I have one is not so pleasant in nineteen eighty eight we decided to break out the I moan and so that morning my son opening game. Fresno state, my sons, I promised to me could be a ballboys eleven years old. So my wife says. Sure, he's old enough. I said, oh, yeah. So we go to the game and started the second-half JJ Flanagan runs a sweep over towards the west side. And there's a collision and all of a sudden nothing's going on. And we got a lot of people collecting over there. Nothing's going on. Nothing's gonna finally official comes over. Sources. We have a ballboy down Idelson. So I looked on our sideline because I didn't know if he was on our side of the anyone there. So I went across the Hudson Mack. I gotta go over there. I go over there. And he had these Nike shoes on with orange balls on the bottom. And there they were laying there flat. He's out cold he'd broken his arm. He was out Cole. I looked down. Just look down. He wakes up, and I looked over in the stands up where my wife. Thirty four steps in three steps. They brought they've brought the ambulance on the field carded playoff. I slept on the couch for two years. He turned out to be a lawyer worked out just fine. Positive. I figured out my favorite game here. I believe it was one that you can sixty two thirty six Nebraska. Okay. Any questions Ghazwan dome? Don, that's it. Justin Bannan, we just talked to Daniel Graham, Andre Girod Victor Rodgers of the last great team look at this look at.

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