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You imagine emily and reading pennsylvania as a jim kelly fan hello hello emily brown yeah all right i love you i love you to what what do you think you're jim kelly well i'll tell you that and nineteen january in 1979 i i was admitted your nearest you miami and the reason i picked it i pick five colleges in florida i got in all and unpick miami earlier on them it was on the beach they had no football team howard schommer showed a hume kerri showed up and my best friend in college lurk lack of cancer trends model gorgeous bonn right where's jim kelly's little sister howard hard out the mall having little sisters to jammed shummer an colleague right when i first got there and he and carry just took off he never lost and the orange bowl i met a bet with the guy hanratty that they weren't going to lose your thanksgiving game camera or euro as 80 navy and uh they're playing at home again uh on that note or you're right i hate to say that name and and uh uh away there are five and this guy licked at me like i would decrease is woman on earth to say okay fastforward jim kelly grader quarterback of per super bowl rings i don't care about hall of fame what quarterback has gone super bowl four years in a row yeah loss it's unbelievable awhile you can't blame amazon again nonroad was the first problem the first year right and you know washington giant's say hey great defense stuff like that but jim tally thurman thomas andre reed british see you now i mean those guys were on i just wanna tell you at lowly that i wear a jim kelly miami cain i'm a huge gains fan i wear my jim kelly keane's jersey on rare occurrences and i were i wore at here to work about a week ago that i just wanted to say i look fantastic at it i tweeted out a picture of it uh and huge jim kelly fan here we go frank in virginia you're on cbs sports radio fraying grow are you doing their what's up buddy a um you're figured show buys thing got on a soapbox started talking about healthy uh defense effects were allowed to write it uh or or marks shock.

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