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New insurance policy for his family living each moment bar time, he suddenly begin spouting raw unfiltered, sometimes offensive word, but it words against, but but satirical and spirit thoughts, the shocked audiences and handlers in the speech of hippo worth. Yes, correct. Bulworth Senator j Bulworth that's pretty well. I never saw the movie, oh worth, but I believe it's probably most remembered for the Hong from the soundtrack ghetto superstar superstar. Yeah, that's really how anyone. And also if you remember the music video of superstar blower, it's Bulworth right? It's like, takes place in the movie. And I think like Wycliffe or whatever Hussein's go superstar. I don't. I don't think it's. I don't think that Whitecliffe is the the main guy. Okay. Ghetto superstar. Oh, it was. It was prized free touring my in ODBC. So I think OD is like the president there. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what prizes up to nowadays. I don't think is still with. Okay. How about this one? This is tough. It's a movie, you know, but it could take a long time to get their journalist. Jenny learner is assigned to look into the background of secretary. Alan Rittenhouse were briefly resigned from government. Sightings, wife's ill health. She learns from secretary that Rittenhouse was having an affair with Ellie when she confronts him. His strain rate is strange reaction leads her to reconsider the story. In fact, a comet discover the previous year by high school student Leo biter men and ask an astronomer. Dr Markus Wolf is on a collision course with earth, an extinction level of a joint US Russian team sent to the strike the comment, but should I should it fail? You know, special measures are being put in place, deep impact wreck, deep impact is there were so many similar movies in that ninety seven pack Armageddon. I think those were the two, yeah, but there was, I feel like there was this little Mars attacks, which is sort of a parody of those movies that was out around that time. But Mars attacks was not an asteroid was. Hit the earth. Moore's attacks was a parody of independence day and. Yeah, I don't know. There's this volcano movies out then there was volcano. What was the other one called? Donte Dante's peak dot. Speak a lot of a lot of like generic disaster movies. All right. Here's another one. This is the number one movie of the week or into Craig from Vancouver following the French atomic bomb tests in the South Pacific and unknown creature spotting passing eastward through the Panama Canal scientists. Nico topless is called in to investigate the matter and he quickly arrives at the conclusion that a giant irradiated lizard as being created by the explosions this the Matthew Broderick, Godzilla one hundred percent. It is the math Rodrick nineteen ninety eight Godzilla film. Yeah, I really knew my nine hundred ninety eight box office. Yeah, I'll give you one more but the Godzilla movie. I remember they had a really cool poster by the Long Island railroad. There was like this giant poster and I always wanted. I never stole anything in my life, but it was wanting to take the poster. And then I started thinking like what if like, I'm sure it's going to be gone in a week or two. They're not gonna be prone to move. Who can I call and ask if I could have the poster when they're done with it, but I was too lazy as a kid to do that, but I really wanna take that and put up my room. Just like a giant godzillas foot. But I remember thinking it was so cool. And now if you compare it to the box office from like this weekend. It's like all sequels. Right? Well, yeah, but all sequels of those movies also like Godzilla remake, well, there's reboots vision, reboot Bulworth. Should they rebuilt both? Bring the song? Yeah, they should bring. We should. I don't think the kids nowadays know about, yeah, they remixed the song, a teenage girls, riding horses hit by a truck to help her heal her troubled into help heal her troubled injured daughter and the horse. The mother takes them to Montana to recoup to recuperate at the ranch of a horse healer of Miskel talents. The mother perceives the fall in love with him as well. I have no idea the horse whisper whisper seeing that was my alley that no, it sounds like a movie..

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