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Congressman John Lewis of Georgia has been hospitalized for undisclosed reasons here's more, on the health of that, civil rights icon Seventy eight year old was taken to, a hospital in Atlanta after falling. Ill on a plane Lewis is. Office says the congressman stayed overnight for routine observation and that he is resting comfortably Lewis expects to be released Sunday he has represented Georgia's fifth congressional district which includes much of the city of Atlanta. Since nineteen Eighty-six CBS news correspondent Elaine Kahan oh two gunmen opened, fire on a crowd in New Orleans Saturday night it happened about three miles from the, city's French, quarter police, say they'll, need the community's help to identify the suspects who were wearing hoodies at the time New Orleans police superintendent Michael Harrison. Believe that there were two individuals cloth with what we believe to be hoods that approached, from behind an open far one with we believe a rifle one with, a handgun on the crowd shooting multiple subjects ten in total three. Of whom have passed away here on the scene the. Injured five men and two women were taken to several Hospitals, in the area one injured victim was reported in critical condition w w j news time, four fifty, three it's, a back, to school gift for students at Lawrence technological university in Southfield I'm Greg Bowman and this is making the grave total. Price of, all the equipment that we have out there it's probably around about six and, a half million dollars and then the software that's on each machine is, worth about seventy five thousand dollars students were to buy it On their own that stem ceviche chief information officer Lawrence tech he says the schools in the midst of. A two and a half million dollar laptop upgrade for about thirteen hundred. Of its students who receive these laptops as incoming freshmen it's to provide, the, students what. They need when they need it we have a term McCall like software anywhere, so basically the, students can work in their dorm we don't have labs like a lot of universities do so. The students don't have to pack up their equipment or, their work and go to the library or anything like that they can actually do. All their homework and everything Anywhere they are on these laptops David says the. Upgraded laptops.

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