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On Dexter in our Borodin and also one in Jackson Michigan for your cybersecurity needs protect yourself. These, these goons as was pointed out with our interviews with Bill binney, Kirk YV thereafter. You're there after your data twenty four seven crip. Joe hippie dot com. For your financial needs financial counseling. To the most honest people in the face of the earth. Run a great business. They are based in North Carolina. They can handle anybody's business anywhere in the country asset preservation solutions asset preservation dot net asset preservation dot net. And also, you know, I'm an old guy and I, I'm able to do stuff due to a lot of the, the, the jeopardy products. I take the healthy body stark pack, which we talk about on our operation, freedom, health platform, and encourage you to go there videos there. My interviews with Dr Glenn. They're also products are available with that a healthy body start packed with Meyer throws. I've been able to get incr- very active without having problems even going out there and doing it. But after about four or five hours when I get in I'm, I'm hurting a little bit. And that's where our next month comes in the Stewart's, natural health products. Let me tell you some Stewart's products are second to none. They're paying cream had nine or opioid rub on it's fantastic Stewart's Stewart labs. S. T. E UART's Stewart labs dot com. I hope you'll at a minimum contact our, our sponsors. Thank them for their support of this freedom based platform, look many organizations talk about they're all about freedom, and they support freedom, yet, when it comes to sponsoring, or getting behind organizations, such as operation freedom. They don't walk the walk. They just talk, the talk support the organizations that not only talk, the talk, but walk the walk all of these sponsors are listed on our sponsor page.

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