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The beginning of the show the thirty million dollar healthcare project the 10milliondollar national security initiative and this one more quantum way though we must j two elevate our status in the world's finest university system we are completing the acquisition of over 300 eggert's a real estate of buffalo point just three point five miles and the texas medical center we grave announce the you t system would by a piece of land bigger than harvard's main tempus in the middle of the season for two hundred and fifteen million dollars mall from the oil fund let me that that number and perspective free tuition hikes mcraven ask for would bring in thirty million dollars fruity us this land alone cost seven times more in that race a lot of eyebrows let's get sarah the senate finance committee will come to order clerk needs call the wrong it's january 2017 immigration as the texas state senate to talk about money this is republican state senator jane nelson are we going to call chancellor mcrae then could morning the morning manager i almost right away republican senator paul bettencourt brings up the houston land by about right now that is a significant sum of money by any measurement than i am aware of this is i mean it four billion dollars is a quarter million dollars it said date the commitment deve of activates along one ago what i would offer to you is that the potential for the university of texas system to really do something in the in the area of research done educational research not robber opportunities at this point it's been more than a year since make riven announced the land by is there and he's been saying for months he wants to do something big in bold except he's never said exactly what why you buy the slam and what are you doing with evidence of what we've done courses reform task force rayo looked at some from his options for how we can develop this landing combination with a very must join us this answer doesn't go down well with republicans or democrats here's democrat jon witmeyer i don't cite can all due respect i don't think he give a damn what legislature flex actual in wrong era jassem thirty seven years near foreign another of talent of.

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