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It was totally just coincidental that the mansion family showed up at his house because the people who were there movie producer music producers they were not there were at the time but there was another party going on and sharon tate and oliver frei yet were there yup along with jc bring her exboyfriend and he and he got out he was not injured i i'm sorry was he was a he was injured or whizzy not injured are you talking about see measure seabury he was shot and killed he was there guess he was out either the first or one of the first victims of the manson family it looked like they were going to stab sharon tate and it was uh of the killer one of the manson family members his name was charles watson charles tex watson as he called himself and he was threatening to kill stab sharon tape who was pregnant and see bring objected apparently he tried to do a throw himself in front of watson and watson shot and killed him and then they killed sharon tate and the rest was history yeah yeah the next night uh there were five people killed in in that spree the next night there were two other people killed in a separate incident and finally they were able to to track down charles manson they caught the murderers and then they they are traced to manson this was the lobby uncle murders yes the socalled tate lobby aga murders you know i didn't realize until i was reading portions of the book all of the people that were so see with manson were women and they did all the killing uh y out but uh there was charles tex watson he he he was involved in the killings too so they weren't all women but the women are the ones who get all the attention for example of the manson family did not go out of business when the arrest and the prosecution for for these murders occurred there was nineteen 75 which ya you remember when gerald ford was the target of an assassination attempt by a lynn that from squeaky froth she was a charles manson follower and and.

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