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Around the world. Here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Brian. A stunner at the U.S. open is two seed rapping Nadal has been eliminated by 22nd seated Francis tiafoe and four sets as the American moves on to the quarterfinals. Dapa wins 6 four four 6 6 four and 6 three. Meanwhile, third seed Carlos alcaraz is an action versus 15 seater Marin Cilic while 7 C camera noise beaten in trade sets by 19 Andre Rublev and 11 CDX center is playing Ilya Y vashka. Looking at the women's drawn top CB gesture loses the first step to UE niemeyer before coming back to in the next two to advance to the quarters while you see the Jessica bagula knocks off 21st C Petra kvitova on trade sets to move on as well. Elsewhere 60 arena sabalenka takes on 19 C Danielle Collins while 22nd sea carlina Pliskova's battling 26 seat of Victoria Azarenka. You wait for president Alexander severin says he believes that Spain and Portugal will jointly be hosting the 2030 World Cup as a two countries formalized a joint bid back in June. Spain would have 11 venues while Portugal will offer three, while Spain hosted the 1982 World Cup, Portugal has never but was the host for the European Championship back in 2004. The Dallas cowboy signing free agent left tackle Jason Peters to their practice squad, which will allow the 6 time all pro time to work into football shape. The 40 year old will be entering his 18th season in the NFL and played last year with the Chicago Bears. Dallas lost 8 time Pro Bowl tackle tyron Smith till sometime in December with a hamstring injury. I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op day. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business out and at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business lash. Asian stocks are moving higher this morning, led by energy shares, China's pledge of more stimulus is helping and so is its move to support the yuan. We're seeing the offshore Chinese currency at the moment 6 93 66, so not too much of a change. We're seeing pretty solid gains in the Australian dollar up against the greenback to the gain of about a half of 1% as we await the RBA and its decision on rates today. And as mentioned a few moments ago, Asia's oil related shares are showing some gains this morning, we had OPEC plus surprising the market to a certain degree, deciding to cut output in October, WTI has gained about 2.4%, and among the shares showing some gains today we mentioned woodside petroleum up about 1% or so right now Santos with a gain of about one and a half percent and beach energy up 1.2% also energy companies in Japan benefiting. The new K itself is up 6 ten to 1% the SX 200 as rallied about four tenths of a percent, bigger gains still in Seoul, the cost being now up 6 tenths of 1%. And if you're a, if you're a trader in your fan of MACD, well, you've got some signals on the Hangzhou index here, which have been pretty reliable. This technical strategy has returned investors some 465% over the past 25 years, and it is flashing a sell signal on the hang seng index. Hank sang index futures at the moment up about three tenths of 1% shot of futures. Also up three tenths of 1%. And that is a look at markets. 12 minutes

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