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On your local affiliate and we thank them for their patronage of cbs sports radio it doesn't matter who you are it doesn't matter where you are but everyone than i am talking to right now knows were they were when certain things went down in the story this is owed simpson if i said to you where were you during the chase you would now i was at home in westerly rhode island preparing for another college football season and i flipped on cnn because that's what you did at the time timing 1994 and my parents had a car kondo in westerly that we had moved to and they did a finish out the basement so that tristate i was the kid that slept in the basement but i was downstairs in front of the tv watching that chase on june seventeen 1994 there are people listening to the sound of my boys it doesn't matter where you are how you're listening to you know where you were at one of seven eastern time when the verdict was read on october third 1995 you knew where you were i was actually in heathland hall at the university of rhode island with one of my best friends in live shroud williams and of course were football players and at the time they announced the oecd simpson is not guilty and we like a bunch of twenty year old girl smurfs jumped into my car which chirad hanging out the front window riding around the university rhode island campus with him yelling juice that's the challenge slows we literally drove around campus doing that it was a really big deal now not one hundred million people watching on television big deal but the oj parole hearing according to.

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