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Them dance so Bloomberg business flash Charlie thank you so much you are listening to Bloomberg businessweek let's go live to Washington now where president trump is speaking in the Roosevelt room a very great gentleman a very popular man two in the world and specially is wonderful state Steve Daines Steve are so you're back so your poll numbers you are strong and that's a good decision by the voters I can tell you thanks Dave representatives Jody Arrington and Kevin Hearn and thank you fell as for being here as well as North Dakota governor Doug Bergen Doug thank you thank you your dog food for said good job selling the wife North Carolina lieutenant governor Dan farmers yeah hi we just to prove that last amount of money for the hurricane you know about the rest I will lieutenant governor Adam Greg great job great job and many other state and local officials were some tremendously respected people here political people I want to extend a special welcome to all of the leaders here today representing American farmers and ranchers benefiting from this deal this is a tremendously important dealer very big deal including those from our beef pork poultry wheat dairy and corn association's I would particularly like to recognize it be should be do well he's been with us from the beginning so be it was my sympathy thank you for being here he's always he's always here trying to make good deals for you folks right he's a president CEO of the American farm bureau federation and we're doing really well in fact we're doing to do was a big deal with Japan but you know China's big buying again you see that China's buying very big a lot of people don't like to talk about that but China is in the market buying very big agricultural we're also joined by several senior leaders from our nation's top technology companies including Chris Patel of IBM hi Chris how are you has IBM doing very good you have a lot to do with farming to an hour right with all of those programs if you do smart farming a very smart farming Peggy Johnson of Microsoft thank you thank you very much being here please say hello to and Craig Albright of business software alliance thank you very much appreciated we do appreciate your support and it really is now smart farming fact going to MIT doesn't hurt either right when you're farmer nowadays it's incredible what they do from day one my administration is for cherilus Lee to achieve a level playing field for the American worker in addition to the agreements were signing with Japan today we reached a tremendous agreement with Mexico and Canada to replace nafta with the new US MCA and hopefully that'll get done in the in the not too distant future everybody wants it manufactures wanted farmers wanted even unions wanna people on it that's a great deal for all of the countries but in particular is a great deal for us and our our workers we're also completely renegotiating and now we've completed that inside at the U. S. Korea trade agreement substantially had spending American auto exports it's been a tremendous difference that was a terrible agreement that we renegotiated it and is now a very good agreement for the United States it was not a good agreement for the United States at all today's signing of the US Japan trade agreement in US Japan digital trade agreement bills on these incredible success is to the benefit of both of our nations and I have to say that well we here and because of the fact that we're talking about agriculture ethanol and the farmers of Nebraska and Iowa and all of the different places that wanted it we've we've come to an agreement and it's going to be I guess about getting close to sixteen billion barrels or something like that I sell out that's a lot of say it again sixteen billion gallons a lot that's a lot that's a lot of gallons so I think they so they should like me on an island I think so and also and very importantly we've taken a tremendous amounts of money in the form of terrorists from China China has eaten the cost of those tariffs because they've devalue their currency and they've also pumped a lot of money into their system deflation is we have no inflation if anything it's going below the number so therefore we're entitled to an interest rate cut to help the fed does that his would be like a rocket ship and we're already strongest economy in the world and doing better than just about any economy in the world and a lot of people are asking just to see could but would like to see it interest rate cut a very substantial one and whatever else they want to do but we would be a rocket ship and if you look at from the time I got elected if you go to November ninth the day after the election were up close to sixty percent in the market which is numbers that are pretty much unheard of because it's a fairly short period of time our country is doing really well but we are taking care of our farmers out of the billions and billions of dollars that we've got you know about that so we giving that twelve billion from the year before twelve billion and that's compliments of China thank you very much and sixteen billion of this last year then they will see what happens next year maybe by that time is straight now but the farmers and ranchers were targeted to put it mildly by China and it's nice that they're coming back and by the way China is also coming here on their representatives are coming on Thursday and Friday Bob and so you'll start some negotiations and the relationships very good as to whether or not we make a deal I don't know but this is certainly good possibility but the relationship is is a very good one but we've taken in billions of dollars and of those many many more billions we're giving sixteen billion to our farmers because I asked Sonny Perdue I said Sonny what was the amount of money that last year that the farmers were hurt you said Sir let me get back to you get back to me the number sixteen billion dollars I said that's okay we're gonna take sixteen billion out of the terror of so we're gonna give it to the American farmer and I think they appreciated that it never gets reported by the fake news as I say but never gets reported never I don't know why they don't want to do it and then it should be as you know if we took twelve billion from the year before and it also came from large amounts of terrified terrace and people were actually saying I've read a report today I believe in the Washington times where they talked about the tremendous amount of money that has actually come in from terrorists and it's been a number that we've never even seen before in this country we've had we've had a tremendous amount of money coming in and some of the Republican senators and that's not a bad idea said one we give it because we have a lot of money left over after taking care of our farmers and what we're doing is we're bring it right up to the level that the farmers were targeted by so in theory they should be that should be in some way a level playing field the amazing thing about the former and we have had been with so many they don't even want that right they just want a level playing field they don't even want sixteen billion dollars I think almost anybody else Larry Kudlow one sixteen billion dollars the farmer doesn't want to they want a level playing field they want to play the game the way it should be played and I think we're probably pretty close to doing that too but in the meantime no other president would get sixteen billion dollars and twelve billion dollars for the American farmer rancher that I can tell you so maybe we should great work I don't know right your work it was all of us everybody standing up here frankly under the terms of the agreement today Japan is committed to dramatically increase market access to American food and agricultural exports it's a very dramatic number it's one of the larger trade deals ever signed as a result a hundred and twenty six million Japanese consumers will have greater access to high quality American almonds blueberries corn wine poultry and egg products beef pork we'd and so much more anything else you folks can think of doing the show anything Steve anybody now if they're not that's it all.

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