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Now they do have to play three of the top teams from the pack, twelve north, they play Washington, but get him at home, Oregon at home in Stanford on the road. I only have an underdog in two games this year home against Washington, and at Stanford I've got him favored in the rest of the games. So they're just enough set are two away from actually getting their if they're in the Pac twelve south, which is wide open this year and get there with, let's say, one loss win, maybe upset and undefeated Washington. Then they've got a shot of making the playoffs. And I'd looked at that hundred to one and I'm thinking that should be more like thirty two one or forty one. So it's worth a nice little wager there in Utah too. Probably get there because if team gets into a championship game, they've got a real good chance of making the playoffs. And I was just about to talk about that. And our next team that I'm gonna bring up is that you can always play out of these long positions. So one hundred one. That's something you can start playing some. Yes, no props, maybe entering the once they reached the playoff things along those lines. And because I want a segue to at three hundred to one now I'm not saying the hawk is the best team in the country, but I like your logic. Here. They get Wisconsin at home, and we know because the divisions that division always tried to avoid the always gets to avoid the big boys. They are at Happy Valley, but you see value in the Hawkeyes at three hundred one. Yeah. And you know, clearly people, Wisconsin and I on a neutral field. I'm gonna take the badgers all day all night. They're the better team. In fact, I've got I awaited number thirty five and my power pole, and I've got Wisconsin number five. Wisconsin's, oh, prohibitive favorite to win the big ten west, but I wanna point out that last year. Wisconsin in their undefeated. Regular season have five road games. They came against five teams had losing records last year this year they have to play in Kinnock against Iowa, Michigan in Ann Arbor, northwestern Penn State and Happy Valley and produce. So five teams that were involved last year. Three of them of we're going to be right at the start of the year, so much tougher road scheduling the opposite. True for our last year while they were battling to face Ohio State at Michigan state Penn State this year, the schedules a lot easier. And how about that? Kennex stadium, magic, two years ago, we saw them up number two, Michigan last year. Penn State needed a touchdown, pass on the final play of the game to Java two point win and fifty five twenty four against. So I all stayed. I'm still scratching my head over that one, Doug. So when you're looking, I wha this year they get Wisconsin at home. They get northwestern at home. Nebraska home and their road games are pretty manageable, Minnesota, Indiana Purdue annoy all very winnable. The Penn State game, happy valley's tough. But once again, if I will was upset Wisconsin at home..

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