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He is that I'm Christopher Maher I am the host of crystallize beat podcast as well as the head writer for never near stomping ground blog and I started this because I know how difficult it is to come up in the music industry and I wanNA give these new artists of boost and give them a platform where they can make a name for themselves and worked with some really great artists and we have some phenomenal artists to come so definitely subscribe to our channel and keep checking us out tonight. We are featuring an international up and coming hip hop artist on the never near stomping ground blog so go check it out at Never Nair Dot Com. Hey what's up? It's Krista Lamar and this is crystallized beats tonight is international night on never near stomping ground. Blaga and we're going to be listening to Jay to those Erg so let's get to it. Yeah he's Jay face is You know Frank Funeral. I'm serious Folha. Faces dropped me from the team. I find it astonishing next. Have the self confidence and come out of the house. Because they know John Caputo. It's your funeral on serious full of And I find it astonishing that you have the self confidence out of your house with Darling honestly my opponent is Darlene. Darlene Darlene. How are you gonNA come out your house like that serious? You see them prowse. Have you here in your home? I don't think so. Judging by the look of things in a dog face a Corolla wow I know anyways they got a fuck off my is that many guys icy you know even the planet spend some time with you. You have a face. Only a mother could love when you're out. She's still behind his CITGO from behind with his body here. So you decide some news to see turns around and she's got like a touch walking across a faces that have eyebrows. Bravo sweat down at me like a faces. You'll catch it like a doctor. Is this your funeral? I'm serious Harissa. Faces like taught me one thing to self confidence to come out to the house. 'cause Don faces like jok doctoring. What is this funeral? I'm serious default of the Earth. Got Me Sing that you have to self confidence to come out of your house because honestly face to face face taste No Frank you look at this funeral. I'm serious back of a hearse faces. Like the same thing that you have the self confidence to come out of your house. Honestly all right so. I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did. That was J to those Eric which is hysterical. And it's also great song. I will be putting his information in the podcast notes so definitely go and check them out to all my listeners. Worldwide if you are an up and coming hip hop artist from outside of the United States. We are looking for you. We are always looking to feature up and coming hip hop artists that are international never near stomping ground blog so go to never near dot com slash submit and submit year links for review for feature. Thanks so the crystallized beads website is now up and running at crystallized beets dot com. And that's where all of the episodes will be living from now on so definitely go and check that out..

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