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Christobal be doing i don't like the fact that this has been batted back to the public when in actual fact it should be batted quite rightly to the security services you quite right tara comes in all forms right wing left wing whatever ninety percents is islamist let's let's focus on the one that's causing the multiple death the elephant in the room is the hypocrisy i think of successive governments that deal with countries that have a rule of law based on the sharia and extreme form of islam and these countries where you have there are thirteen of them where if you turn away from his lomb you are hanged where women are repressed where all of these terrible geico was gay people as well yeah we deal with those countries and smile sweetly when they come over without really thinking of joining the docks that those countries and the ideology legitimizes what is happening online so we are total hypocrites and whilst the majority billions of course worldwide who are muslim do not subscribe to that ideology victims there are millions unfortunately who do we trade with and until we actually sold that elephant in the room where ever going to get rid of this problem very very much agree with you thank you krista and nerissa let's talk about another one of the major tragedies we've seen in the last year i mean goodness me last year was a really difficult year for this country was it not of course the grenfell tower fire fourteenth of june twenty seventeen seventy one people died on the night to another victim died later earlier this year after being hospitalized since ablaze and every single brief family from the grenfell tower will have the opportunity to make a statement to the public inquiry big which begins later today this commemoration hearings expected loss for two whole wakes they limit on how long each person can speak for but everyone's going to get say well let's talk about that with counsel robert atkinson he's the leader of the labour group on the royal borough of kensington and chelsea council chelsea where grenfell tower is cited good morning to you rob atkinson.

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