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To talk about today but first breaking news out of miami gardens. The miami dolphins will be without wide receiver willful or for sunday's matchup versus the buffalo bills. The team is calling it. A personal issue and brian flora's even when as far to say there was a possibility for may not suit up the rest of the season. Obviously a lot of unknowns. But what were your thoughts. Jake when you first heard this friday afternoon. Josh first and foremost i mean the seed blake first weekend forever where the dolphins were gonna have a completely clean injury report willful or was the only one who wasn't listed as a full participant in practice on both thursday and friday. But just i do have to say. I think we're kind of over-reacting about this. A little bit will fuller was in the building wednesday. I believe he was actually in the building thursday as well. I'm concerned for some things are bigger than football. I don't necessarily know. I mean ryan floors declined to say preston. Williams who is fully active is going to be playing on sunday. So i think that's more displays being bryant floors as much as odd. This is something that's gonna completely ruin season. I hope that isn't the case. I hope everything is all right for him and you know. We can't really speculate on too much by terms of what's happening on the field. It's gotta be a little disappointing to not see him out there. Yeah and especially because we sat here and we you know we were pretty stoked needed. A podcast on wednesday talked about the impact he could have. You're right where i think. A lot of us are kind of you know thinking the worst year i was actually listening to the press conference. So i mean a little bit of brian. Floors tone is kind of why. I think it might be a little bit more serious but like you said this is bigger than football. So thoughts and prayers with will fuller and you know whether he's back next week or the week after he doesn't play at all. I mean we should all support him and a with anything with the miami dolphins football in general. It's the next man up mentality you know they said like you mentioned preston. Williams was a full go. Could we see some more reps out of him. Will you great you know. We joked about the depth chart not meeting anything. It was the one at the top of that. Depth chart before moore was activated. So i don't know who the spells is going to get more. You know reps. I think we're going to see a big jalen waddell but it hurts when we sat here and said what could impact he can bring and what he can do that offense because if there's any team they need a fuller against it would be the buffalo bills after that dismal performance last season. Just i think. I want to start calling you the parent the receiving core because you always see the best in this group you know you always see the upside on there with the team. Everything with this team. I probably saw good in charles harrison. That spin movie had to get out of the house. Go get a job. I've sick of you pick them up as he's walking down the street with his bags they just kidding man. Come back. I that will be the data. I'm going to share my face and just had the mustache for the rest of the season. It'd be the data this receiving core. It just fits what you do because you always seem to see that upside at the bottom of the roster guys at it's understandable because whether it's the third of the sixth receiver they're gonna see the field right. They're going to have opportunities whether it's akeem grant taking advantage of those are dropping the couple deep ause he gets. That's a different story but just let let's talk about williams here for quick because each of start before he got hurt last season. He received five targets in each to kind of give that a little bit of context that put him with miles gasket in jalen waddell last week. In terms of the miami dolphin receivers were targeted. The most only devante parker had more targets than those two. So i could see preston really diving back in and becoming part of this offense because he is someone who's gonna wind up in the slot. I think a lot of time but he does not fit that You know usual side. I like to say wiggle that quickness you see but josh what makes preston millions such a good start receiver and receiver in general. Because i go back to it. This is someone. You've always loved the unicorn glitch. Whatever you wanna call him. I mean you've always been a heightening for yet that's just Maybe that's just some some who i am. But i'm you'd go back to that cardinals game like you said jake four receptions sixty yards he had that touchdown i mean. He looked like a difference maker. He looked like one of those guys. It to you know how to report within realize that dude's man-to-man coverage there's no safety over top. I'm gonna take a chance because press says more of that big bodied receiver so he brings a different dynamic. That slop position. I don't know again who's going to get the most reps here. I mean just because he practiced full doesn't mean you know he's going to be a full. Go with with anything this weekend. But i mean if you get presley's back in that line of bringing in a guy that you don't wanna as more of like a devante parker but he fits more of that mold in some of these other guys. You bring another one of those in here. Y'all mike now. You've got six five pressing williams and then all that speed around him. I mean again. I don't know how you attack this buffalo bills team but they gotta play much. Better offense Last year. I think you know have impressed williams back in. The lineup could definitely helped josh something. I thought that was interesting from week. One is it was the miami dolphins spinal drive in. It was too at the five yard. Line that first island completion to Devante parker that really hope. The dolphins sample out o'clock there. Did you see the quotes. It too was saying about that. I mean i was gonna say killed a lot of narratives. Didn't i know a lot of people as a one read quarterback neil. He doesn't have the manpower. The ability to check plays at the line. And i don't have the full quote here but he basically said you know it was i in fourteen. The ball was maybe at the two yard line and a he checked out of a run in the huddle and found devante parker on that slant and i think he gave him what thirteen yards at that point..

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