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Live on Griselda city no KTAR news Dr gathered in Scott still city hall earlier today say mask mandates are a violation of personal freedom city councilman guy Phillips promoted the event on Facebook earlier this week and then addressed the crowd would stand tall be responsible we don't need the government to telescope it is real we know it is but the government giving out tickets is going to help education I think education not subjugate Phillips says he will happily wear a mask without being forced to and calls for an end to the mask mandate in Scottsdale we have an update now on the Gila fire burning in north Phoenix fire crews have contained fifty percent of the nearly nine hundred acres evacuations have been lifted for those who are pushed out of their home since yesterday afternoon the human caused fires under investigation but it started near the carefree highway twenty Seventh Avenue Arizona folks president trump in Phoenix resident trump may have filled up his rally in Phoenix yesterday but valley political consultant Emily Ryan with copper state consulting doesn't think he did a lot to help his reelection chances the president continues to miss an opportunity to step up and be presidential and offer information that we can use to navigate codes and more successfully to inspire that pulled together patriotism that we all sell after nine eleven Ryan thinks the president needs to do more in response to the Kobe nineteen pandemic in order to attract Arizona's independent and undecided voters G. A. R. traffic alerts with that usually means the closure let's check it out with detour Dan in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center thank you Becky landed in the that's it it's the U. S. sixty Grand Avenue your outbound and inbound lanes are closed at Bethany home road for a very serious crash there I'm seeing a pretty good back up on camel back trying to use that as a detour you might want to try Indian school or maybe if you're north of the event maybe try Glendale there instead in order to avoid it but right now no estimated time of reopening on that crash either now we've got a wreck in the north valley east bound wanna one approaching state route fifty one two right lanes are blocked and we're already seeing delays on this at a couple of minutes but it is on the eastbound side east bound to to santan freeway Williams field exit ramp two left lanes are blocked from a crash there as well this traffic report brought to you by novocure back and sciatic leg pain can be debilitating it's time to call the valley sciatic experts at novocure for eight oh eight five five sixty six eighty six or in O. V. O. C. U. R. dot com deterred and get your news it'll be mostly clear to partly cloudy tonight with valley lows only dropping into the upper seventies to low eighties by the morning then were heating up to one eleven on Thursday under mostly sunny.

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