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Situations fees in many suburbs good evening I'm Paul James wins news time at the Tony, eleven thirty Prayers for Senator John. McCain who has decided to discontinue, his treatment for brain, cancer according to the New York Times people close to him say his. Death is imminent relatives and close, friends have gathered in Arizona the family put out. A statement noting that he, has surpassed expectations for his survival Stephen goes on to say our family is immensely grateful for the support and kindness of all his caregivers over the last year, and for the continuing outpouring of concern and affection from Johns many friends and associates in the. Many thousands, of people who are keeping him in their prayers Among the comments former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tweeted it has been an, honor to get to know Senator John McCain and to be able to call him my friend At a, particularly challenging time in my. Life he stood up for me and my character I will always. Be indebted to him for that and for the friendship of Cindy as well what a great American hero. There has been no statement from President Trump or. The White House the president spoke tonight. At a Republican fundraiser in Ohio, and, did not. Mention the Senator wins news time eleven thirty one from the ram ramtruck traffic center here's Russ Meyer roadwork in Nassau County. Here's what we see on. Long island's big three the westbound side is the HOV and left lane blocked off from. Jericho, turnpike at exit forty out toward little neck Parkway and that's, a long, stretch it's actually moving repairs, could run into that anywhere along the way on the eastbound side again roving roving work and the HOV lane between one zero six one zero seven and, sunny side boulevard things look, pretty good on the northern state, and on the southern, state, of the. Bronx next up and some slowdowns on the southbound of Bronx river Parkway coming at gun hill road got some roadwork In your way also delays on the l. e. eastbound side. And westbound side you've got construction over by Woodhaven boulevard taking out two lanes each way and the cross. Allen's northbound side also tied up pretty much from. Northern boulevard up towards the neck bridge. Go with a clear view instead, to, avoid that. Construction on the belt Parkway snag eastbound coming in towards around flatbush avenue again roadwork and here's what you need to know. About the bridges and tunnels. You're good to go the upper east of or crossing Staten Island bridges get a thumbs..

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