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From workhouse connect in a j Benza. Vein. He liked to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex games is the guy put the cock and the peacock network. Okay bitch. Hey, everybody AJ Benza here for famous veg. This is the show for November twenty first twenty eighteen this will be the last show. Not ever. But then we'll be no show for thanksgiving or for black Friday that just will not be I apologize. But on traveling. I got stuff to do as most of us do. So if you'll bear with me on give you this show give it my all. And then we'll see you again Monday. It's it's it's been a long day. I just got home from Rocco's all star soccer practice. It's too tiring night. I gotta tell you. I played goal while the kids kick balls at me are Mercifully. But. Anyhow, let's let me give you a show either way I've got things to say about the holiday thanksgiving. But before I do today's show is brought to you by home sick candles, and let me just say I'm spending thanksgiving at my brother-in-law victories house out there north of Santa Barbara in an old town coal lump poke, you might have heard about loan poke as a big prison out there. I like it. It's an all towns and all California town, nobody locks doors. I dig it out there. You know, I don't wanna victims to tradition now. We started this tradition. Several years ago spend the holiday with my brother of my wife's brother, and it's great and a nice big house. Couple of kids, my wife, and I and the kids go my sister goes with her boyfriend, my son, Richie comes with his girlfriend. Lot of good vibes. Lot of good stuff. I'd be lying. If I said, I wasn't a bit homesick though for New York. I mean, aren't we all the little bit homesick for our original homes? I mean. I feel like I'm not the only one of feels that way. I don't care where you are. Right now. You know, like, for instance, Catherine speed one of my my best patrons is rip in New York City of park. She's going to see the rock cats. Sees she went to chip reality. I told her to have the Bolini she's having a ball. I know she misses her home in Houston. We all feel that way. We're all little bit homesick for our original homes. But in the out that's why I brought along and I will bring these candles Victor, south home. Sick candles. The candles that say New York.

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