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Mohr rollbacks in some California counties today during his noon briefing, which you can hear live right here on Kogo. He says the number of positive cases in the state is upto 5.9% and he'll be announcing Mohr measures ahead of the Fourth of July holiday weekend. He says family gatherings are proving to be a source of a lot of community transmission. But he says California will overcome this virus. We bent the curve in the state of California once we will bend the curve again, Mark my word. We will crush this pandemic. We will annihilate. It will get past this, but we're gonna have to be tougher and we're gonna have to be smarter in terms of our approaches were committed and resolved to do that. He also announced an expansion of the program to get the homeless off the streets and into hotel rooms, which was enacted during the pandemic. San Diego County has two hot spots for spreading the Corona virus, the largest contributors Oh, our outbreaks, totals or bars and restaurants and private residence. Those two make up more than 40% of our total outbreaks. The rest come from a variety of different office and business type, said County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher says restaurants will now have to close at 10 PM and if the bar does not serve food, it will have to close just after midnight actually know bars that don't serve food actually are already closed. For now. They're shut down. The city of San Diego is not closing the beach this weekend, but you are asked to pick a spot on the beach and just hang out with your family. A household and the county will have its briefing at 2 30 this afternoon. Exactly in the governor at at noon. They're both right here on cocoa growing number of people in their twenties. Testing positive for Cove in 19 has led to more orders from the county. The total number of covert 19 cases are increasing in this group. This population may represent the largest number of those going to bars and restaurants in having house parties or parties in general, while comparing tely not wearing a mask. For maintaining physical distancing are taking other actions to prevent themselves and others from contracting covert 19. Dr Wilma Wooten says restaurants will now close at 10 PM whether or not they serve alcohol, but takeout is still allowed after 10 because all of the community outbreaks have happened indoors. The county says data does not support closing the beaches for the fourth of July holiday. But you can only hang out with your household and if you are within six feet of others where a mask Maryland Haider Kogo news Come on, dears time. 80 for and Dr Anthony Fauci says it is safe for kids to go back to school this fall, But he told a Senate committee that it does depend Dr. Faulty Recommended school superintendents study Local infection data. Take a look. At where you are in the particular area of the so called opening America again, are you at the Gateway Phase one face to face three vows. You said some school systems may want to look at modifying schedules alternate days morning versus evening, and he said some school districts could also use online virtual learning where necessary. Lawmakers are making an effort to extend the deadline for the Paycheck protection program. The Senate passed the measure that would allow small businesses to apply for funding through August, the eighth There's roughly $130 billion still up for grabs in the program. The effort was created to help small businesses keep workers on the payroll during the Corona virus pandemic. Mark Mayfield, NBC news radio that extra little bump the federal government is giving unemployed persons ends a week sooner than expected. As we hear from Evan Brown, the cares act put federal money into each day's unemployment benefits to make sure all persons who lost their jobs due to Corona virus shutdowns got an extra 600 bucks in each Unemployment check. But now the U. S Department of Labor says a technicality will end the payments earlier than expected. The law says the payments and on July 31st But since that's a Friday, and many people have to claim a week ending Saturday or Sunday, the benefit might not apply for that final week. When that happens, the benefit level drops to whatever each state normally pays out. An accidental shooting sends a six year old San Diego boy to the hospital overnight. Police say the six year old was playing with a gun inside a home on 52nd Street when he shot himself in the chest. The bullet apparently went completely through his chest, and police say he was conscious and breathing when he was rushed to the hospital. He is in stable condition and child abuse unit is investigating. Voters in Oregon, a step closer to deciding of psychedelic mushrooms should be legal. The campaign pushing forward has collected nearly 165,000 signatures if election officials verify enough. The measure is put on the November ballot. But several past studies have found.

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