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You can contact your grandson can contact them and they will consider his give that site website again in a sense network got bored, Okay? And I'll point out you know her. This is unfortunately, not something that is Sort of incredible or are not happening, and the push to plead guilty is a systemic. It's a problem, but it's also a systemic improvement. We don't want people to be. In jail forever, who were sitting there waiting for their cases to get adjudicated and they can't pay a bond or get out. So we try to get them through the system quickly. That's good. Value tohave. That's a good motivation. Then, unfortunately, because, as we talked about earlier we are a nation with some of the highest amount of people in jail. So we've got lots of people getting arrested. We're getting a lot of people process through the system. And way. Encourage them to accept guilt. And tio take. You know what they can do and move on. And unfortunately, I mean, we've now identified that 18% of Of death row inmates were pled guilty, Tio less lesser crimes, I guess right now, that's that's the deal. I mean, that's that's a very difficult situation, if you know deep down That you're innocent. Would you plead guilty to a lesser lesser crime? It's interesting, John Mangle. It is one of the head writers for house of cards, and he's now writing with Michael Connelly's show Bosch and we asked him in this anthology to write with Jerry Miller, Um, who is as less mentioned him earlier, He He didn't please guilty. But he did 26 years to a rape and burglary and he got served time got out was a sex offender had to pay for all these things. And John and Jerry spent days on the phone just to get this piece in the book, which is about when Jerry guts. Finally, the prosecutors said, I'm sorry, and his attorney, Barry Scheck, whisk him off his own press conference. And so we put the head writer for House of cards. Who's You Know he they write these amazing You know, far reaching but fantastical, but yet so true sort of stories, and we put him with Jerry and they spent days on the phone and we got this beautiful piece about Jerry's that that exoneration day. And then yet I was on the phone with with John tonight discussing the case. And he said, Do you know Jerry told me that if it was grand theft auto, he would have pled guilty. But because it involved a rape. He couldn't like. He couldn't that he couldn't do it. He couldn't. Yeah, you could say yes. I think it happens a lot. And, of course, the parole system. What happens is you come up for parole and they say, Are you repented? You say? I'm innocent men decided do it, And then they get mad at you Exactly. I'll always remember Shawshank Redemption What Morgan Freeman went into his parole board. I mean his last time and they let him out. He basically said, I don't care anymore. I don't care at all. What, both of you, Laura, unless thank you for being on the program. Keep in touch less when you write anymore. Your supernatural stuff. Come on back. Okay, fine. Be out later this summer Super will get you back on checkin with lease on that less. Klinger, Laura Caldwell. You're doing great work, trying to help people who are wrongfully convicted of crimes up next. We're going to talk about what people say at the moment of death..

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