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Eleven ten ninety nine three WBZ's traffic. Here's Lee Graham, CNN PD still clearing an accident on forty five outer a little before Ray road. At last were the biggest issue with that though is onlookers little sluggish. Saw magic come up on that scene. Eastbound forty prior to old highway sixty four an accident there in the clearing stages despite the weather looking fantastic around uptown in concord still will sluggish on northbound eighty five right after you pass concord Parkway north because of that construction, I'm Lee Graham, WBZ's traffic debate last night between candidates for congress in North Carolina's ninth district WBZ's Mark Aronson reports on the most spirited exchange of the sixty minutes. The only verbal jabs came early in the debate democrat, Dan McCreevy accused Mark Harris of opposing social security and Medicare Marquez said that he would cut so scary Medicare. I never said that that is allied is being perpetrated throughout this campaign. Mccreevy was careful not to criticize President Trump. He even praised the president's trade efforts. But when asked if he would support impeaching Trump if. Democrats were elected. He would not answer any decision related to our constitution that would treat very seriously based on the facts at the time Harris said McCreevy talks conservative, but he's not Dan Pelosi. And the Democrats were wreck this economy. Mark garrison WBZ news, President Trump has signed into law. Two bills. It would allow pharmacists to tell consumers win paying cash would be cheaper than using insurance for their prescriptions. Health and Human Services Secretary alexy's earned says the new rules. Get patients the right to know about ways to pay the lowest price WBZ news time.

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