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Has risen again to at least thirty prime minister Hubert Minnis says that number is expected to rise as emergency crews access more areas minutes describes this destruction that Dorian calls on hard hit grand Bahama an ethical islands what is specially completely destroyed both are on the line mind boggling it's something you never seen before in this as in addition to finding shelter for displaced residents is government wants to transfer hundreds of students from schools that have been destroyed to list damaged areas federal officials have removed a basketball hoop installed on the Mexico side of the border fence citing concerns that it might be used to aid illegal crossings from member station K. J. Z. Z. Murphy what house has more as a part of his gold that's project New York based artist Jeremy John Kaplan installed about thirty goal died basketball nets across Nogales Sonora in August in collaboration with city officials he also installed a hoop backboard and that's on the south side of the border fence there are ideas to re contextualizing shift the narrative as much as we can to really point out the humanity and the community that exists in both sides now US border patrol says it has removed the hoop in coordination with Mexican officials according to a spokesman the agency was concerned who could be used to aid illegal crossings and possibly lead to injuries the US government stole concertina wire on the same section starting last fall for NPR news I'm a few would house in animal CO the US treasury department has unveiled.

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