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Reward mask wearing in schools. State school Superintendent Joy Hofmeister says Cove in 19 is raging in Oklahoma, and she cannot in good conscience support ignoring CDC quarantine guidelines. She did not attend yesterday's news conference where the governor announced the policy change for schools. In fact, Spokesperson says Hoffmeister wasn't invited. Hofmeister later issued a statement saying in person instruction is critical and so is mitigating the spread of the virus, she said. They are not mutually exclusive. Oklahoma's had another 29 covert 19 days. The State Health Department also reports another 2200 new cases more than 1900 people. Remain hospitalized Lieutenant governor met Fidel calls wearing masks during the covert 19 pandemic. The patriotic thing to do, he says, wearing masks protects others. He calls the pandemic, the largest health crisis of the past century and for many generations, and he's also urging Oklahoma's not to relax vigilance and continue to watch hands and maintain social distancing. The House is set to vote on impeachment today. Great Jenkins reports vice president Pence was able to block the 25th amendment attempt, but he won't be able to stop the House from voting. Jim Peach President Trump for a second time in 13 months trigger Pelosi plowing forward, putting pressure on the entire body to vote to impeach and the list of Republicans willing to vote to impeach is growing. At least five.

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