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Wow. And also boy I'm starting this feature. That's now out it just came out. You could see flu ferry funny. Silly movie called boy band about a boy bands too old to be doing it needs answered on Amazon, and I tunes and Google fhu. Xbox five really got an funny van amazing. Steve AG, Dave hill. Jordan, Carlos and the band. Great cabin. We have some fun cameos. Jerry O'Connell has low partner at quest. Love is a part in it Gilbert coffees apartment, it's very funny little film, and it's called boy at checkout boy band and do that right after Lewis in this podcast if five stars. Thank you again, of course for joining Monday. All right day board enough to listen. But not to board. Move on an ex question. You ever feel sad. Also have you ever killed? Anyone says what's funny kind of racist shit because Matalon fuck off? Yeah. I feel sad. If said that I read that God damn question. All right. Let's move on. What's the recipe for happiness? It also sauce. Jesus Christ fucking racist thing here recipe for first of all you don't call it sauce. If you're Ryan, it's gravy. And now it sounds weird for you fucking crackers in the south gravy is some kind of bullshit that you put on potatoes or whatever. But for for an Italian for non gut's, you know, you use use gravies fucking sauce. Don't call it sauce. All right. But can drive me crazy. What's the recipe for happiness recipe for happiness happiness, doesn't doesn't happen? And then just stay you have good days. You have bad days. Remember that song mama said you'd have days like this. Right. Guess what? It's based on reality. You're gonna have some shady days next day. Maybe won't be so shitty. The recipe for happiness is do stuff that makes you feel happy. And then remember those moments that make you. Feel happy and you'll feel happy again. But if but you're kidding yourself. If you think that. You do something that makes you feel happy. You're going to be fucking happy for a week or a month or year. Forget it doesn't work that way. Happiness is not a state of mind is just a feeling you'll have it. It'll pass same way being sad passes. Again. Fuck no metric school shit. What is wrong with you? People is any of you have a job..

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