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They also observed a no a civil improvement and help healing and a clearly decreased nail at your regularity so they were more even at the end and they were more resistant the nails are actually stronger and more resistant so you know who doesn't want that so Jeez and I'd like to actually turn our attention now to one of the biggest cosmetic concerns out there particularly for the ladies out there that's cellulite and you say that these collagen peptides they've been studied as a cutting edge treatment option for cellulite so if you if you would please tell us how this new approach to fighting cellulite is taking the world by storm yeah this is equally is incredible so the collagen peptides that we're talking about today in our ultimate collagen the recap real fast we know they fight wrinkles they boost in moisture big boost nail help and they'll growth and nail hardness they make your nails more resilient and less prone to cracking and shipping but they also do something early unique lately fascinating and this just continues to blow me away and we're talking about reducing cellulite so which is just such a taxing problem and something so difficult to reverse has been to many of us probably now now how can this possibly work well it's very simple it works the same exact mechanism that it works to fight wrinkles so again if you're just joining us the way that our ultimate collagen works is that it simply simulates your body to make its own college it tells the little fibroblast cells in your skin to make more college and so when your body makes more collagen if one sop can't it restores the normal structure of the dermis and of the subcutaneous tissues below and so when you ingest these molecules in your body starts producing more collagen the result is going to have a very similar results in the areas where you have cellulite and you're gonna see smoother and less dimpled skin it's really very cool right now I'm your host Pat Campbell and we are back with the G. center for those that are just tuning into the program if you would please kind of kind of back up just a bit and go over the ultimate collagen again could you do that really quickly what what does it do how does it work and what what makes this so special wise it's a special yeah we really feel like we have a blockbuster here because it just does so many incredible unique things that really makes people look better and and just you know feel better about their appearance like I said a few minutes ago in over twenty years of working a purity products as VP of product development we've never come across the product that can boost your cosmetic appearance your nails your skin is hiding cellulite all these amazing things like this ultimate collagen can do this room really is a next generation technology nutraceutical technology that has all of this exciting science behind it and what it's doing at its root is it simply give me a leading your body to make more of its own collagen from the inside out and so you're all seeing all of these collagen protein powders and bone broths and at all these products that are out on the market today that are being advertised that a lot of them they just don't really have evidence that they work at all so you might be buying something that's a lot more hype than it is science but when you get this product from purity products ultimate collagen you were getting a clinically researched form of these bioactive collagen peptides as their call and they've been tested and they've been retested and they've been shown in multiple human studies to deliver a whole range of all these different cosmetic benefits that we've been discussing and you notice these benefits in the mirror starting in as little as only four weeks especially for wrinkles and for improving skin elasticity where you get former and smoother and healthier looking skin so when you take this within about eight weeks what you're going to notice is that your fingernails are growing faster you're chipping last and they're going to grow longer and so collagen is just the biggest thing right now and in the world of cosmetics because it does another thing because medics Pat really because you know people are taking collagen for all sorts of things you're taking it for their joint health they're taking it for you know all of these other different reasons that we can't do that earlier but you know most famously they are taking collagen to fight the visible signs of aging and all of these amazing cosmetic benefits like I said at the top of the show my friends and my wife's friends they're always asking me for the latest and greatest they want samples of everything they want to know does this work does that work I'm always getting requests for free stuff and I don't know I'm always giving my friends products to trying to use my family too but I have never been bombarded with requests like I have with college and I think it's just because it's being discussed out there and social media in magazines on TV the TV talk show doctors are all talking about it some big website personalities are pushing college and everyone wants to try collagen they're curious could really do what they say it does all all weather service has issued a flash flood warning for he can fill central Arizona eleven forty five PM mountain standard time at seven fifty one PM mountain standard time thunderstorms producing heavy rain across the border area flash flooding is expected to begin shortly they will experience flooding include washes include call thing it flooded roads the current vehicles a flash flood warning has been issued until eleven forty five PM mountain standard time for the following counties now I did notice a meaningful difference for just five Bucks so here's the deal just be one of the first thousand callers today and you only paid just five dollars impurities going to send you out a bottle of ultimate collagen to try for yourself that's right just five Bucks it even better he's going to give you free shipping that's right shipping is free and by the way the five dollars is one hundred percent refundable and don't forget is Jason mention thirty is also giving away a free bottle of their vitamin C. collagen factor it's a great vitamin C. formula vitamin C. is absolutely essential for collagen production that's your free gift today so pick up the phone call now here's another one eight hundred five seven seven seventy seven eighty again it's one eight hundred five seven seven seventy seven eighty you see the secret behind ultimate collagen is the patented bioactive collagen peptides clinically tested to dramatically boosts collagen production in the skin the result is firmer smoother even healthier looking skin you can literally see the difference in the mirror in only four short weeks so call now ultimate collagen to the test please note this special offer is not available in stores it's not even available online it's only directly through this special radio hotline today and again just one offer per household please plus with auto ship you save money you never have to worry about missing today and of course you can cancel at any time no risk no hassle so don't miss out on this incredible chance for your ultimate collagen just five blocks and get your free bottle of vitamin C. collagen factor but call now free shipping available right now at one eight hundred five seven seven seventy seven eighty that's one eight hundred five seven seven seventy seven eighty again one more time slowly for those we write it down here we go one eight hundred five seven seven seventy seven eighty call me the preceding was a great advertisement but thirty products these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

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